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Hollywood Director (04:34)


Joseph Mankiewicz excels at screenwriting and directing dialogue. See clips from several films including "Julius Caesar" and "Cleopatra."

Mankiewicz's Background (02:56)

Mankiewicz is born in Wilkes-Barre, PA to a family that values writing. They move to New York and meet the Marx Brothers. Mankiewicz works with a German film company before joining Paramount and then producing films at MGM.

Mankiewicz's Early Films (07:03)

Mankiewicz makes his directorial debut with "Dragonwyck" for 20th Century Fox. He then directs "Somewhere In the Night," "The Late George Apley," and "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir."

"A Letter to Three Wives" (06:42)

Mankiewicz releases his film in 1949 and wins two Academy Awards. In 1950, he releases "No Way Out," reflecting his politics, and "All About Eve."

"People Will Talk" (04:51)

Mankiewicz's 1951 film demonstrates a modern intention. He releases the spy film "5 Fingers," based on a true story, in 1952.

"Julius Caesar" (05:17)

Mankiewicz directs an all-star cast in the 1953 adaptation of William Shakespeare's play. He then directs his first color film "The Barefoot Contessa."

"Guys and Dolls" (06:42)

Mankiewicz releases his first musical in 1955 to sweeping success. He then releases an adaptation of Graham Greene's novel "The Quiet American" and an adaptation of Tennessee Williams' play "Suddenly Last Summer."

Mankiewicz's Final Films (07:10)

"Cleopatra" becomes a Hollywood fable. In 1967, Mankiewicz releases "The Honey Pot," followed by a western. His last film is "Sleuth." Experts reflect on his legacy.

Credits: Joseph L. Mankiewicz (00:43)

Credits: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

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Joseph Leo Mankiewicz was born in Pennsylvania in 1909. He had a long Hollywood career, and won the Oscar back-to-back for both Best Director and Best Screenplay for A Letter to Three Wives (1949) and All About Eve (1950) starring Bette Davis. During his long career in Hollywood, Mankiewicz wrote forty-eight screenplays. He also produced The Philadelphia Story in 1941. However, he is best known for the films he directed, Guys & Dolls, Cleopatra, and The Barefoot Contessa starring Ava Gardner and Humphrey Bogart.

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