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"The Snake" (03:38)


In 2016, President Donald Trump reads the poem at a rally. He often uses it as an analogy for immigration. (Credits)

Immigration Reform (06:22)

Steve Bannon's conservative hard-right website, Breitbart, covers Washington power politics. Members of the Republican Party form an alliance with Democrats. Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Jeff Sessions discuss politicizing immigration.

Targeting the Republican Establishment (05:07)

Breitbart denounces the Senate bipartisan immigration bill and endorses Dave Brat's race against Eric Cantor; Cantor's defeat ends immigration reform.

Republican Presidential Candidate (08:07)

Breitbart and Sam Nunberg educate Trump about immigration. Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants causes controversy. Breitbart, Sen. Jeff Sessions, and Miller endorse Trump. Trump wins the election and immigration reform moves to the GOP forefront.

Actions on Immigration (04:25)

Bannon creates an immigration action plan and Trump issues the Travel Ban; it sparks protests. White House administrators divide into two camps. At the D.OJ., Sessions begins retooling the asylum system.

Department of Justice Actions (06:35)

Sessions recuses himself from the Russia investigation, angering Trump. He focuses on repealing DACA, but Trump wavers. The threat of legal action pushes Trump into agreeing to rescind DACA, sparking protests. Bannon leaves the White House.

DREAM Act (07:43)

Trump invites congressional leaders to discuss protecting Dreamers and comprehensive immigration reform. Two days later, Senators prepare to present the deal and encounter several conservatives; the meeting goes awry and Trump uses profanity.

Family Separation (05:29)

In 2018, Sessions releases a tough directive on illegal immigration. The separations cause backlash and Trump signs an executive order; Sessions resigns.

Migrant Caravan (04:25)

Thousands of migrants make their way to the U.S./Mexico border. Illegal immigration becomes the focus of mid-terms; Miller pushes controversial executive actions.

Credits: Zero Tolerance (01:01)

Credits: Zero Tolerance

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FRONTLINE examines how President Trump turned immigration into a powerful political weapon that fueled division and violence. Go inside the effort by three insurgents—Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions—to tap into populist anger, transform the GOP, and crack down on immigration.

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