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Introduction: Taliban Country/The Luanda Leaks (01:01)


This segment orients viewers to the topics of Taliban negotiations and the Luanda Leaks.

"Taliban Country" (03:07)

In November 2019, correspondent Najibullah Quraishi enters a Taliban stronghold. U.S. President Donald Trump has been negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban, but violence still occurs. (Credits)

Nawur District (02:58)

Taliban members escort Quraishi and his team to the base. Mawlawi Nasrat claims the Taliban controls 80% of the area; the war will end when the Americans and NATO leave.

Stalled Negotiations (02:54)

Taliban fighters are frustrated with suspended talks; a man shares his impressions of President Trump. Quraishi returns to Kabal and reflects on his meeting. He hopes to meet with ISIS militants.

ISIS Rendezvous (05:23)

The Afghan government announces the surrender of over 600 ISIS members. Quraishi meets with an ISIS cell. The commander believes many Taliban will join ISIS in the event of a peace deal. Quraishi returns to Kabal and learns Trump is in Afghanistan to negotiate.

Taliban Lead Negotiator (05:26)

Reports emerge that American officials have misled the public about the war in Afghanistan. Quraishi speaks with Mullah Baradar about Taliban governance and management of ISIS. See a preview of "The Luanda Leaks."

"The Luanda Leaks" (03:54)

Reporters investigate leaked documents about billionaire Isabel dos Santos. She denies any wrongdoing and claims her success is self-made. When her father was president of Angola, many close to him became wealthy while much of the population experienced extreme poverty.

Angola Oil (03:40)

Rafael Marques states that dos Santos' uses Sonangol to fund her activities. Tom Keatinge questions her deal with the company and argues that she benefits from state funds; dos Santos defends the deal.

Financial Corruption (04:22)

Documents indicate that dos Santos and her husband established companies in tax havens and used public money to enter the diamond industry; dos Santos claims she is not a de Grisogono shareholder. Sodiam CEO Eugenio da Rosa says the deal is a disaster.

International Enablers (04:57)

Michael Forsythe investigates the role of Boston Consulting Group and PwC in the financial ventures of dos Santos and her husband. He learns about shadow management and inside knowledge of accounting irregularities.

Luanda Land Development (04:23)

In 2013, dos Santos launches a development project; the Angolan government awards contracts to two of her companies. Around 500 families are evicted and now live in unsanitary conditions.

Oil Industry Struggles (03:11)

Dos Santos' lawyers help structure a presidential decree that establishes a commission to restructure Sonangol; one of her offshore companies receives the work. In 2016, President dos Santos makes his daughter the head of Sonangol.

Anti-Corruption Drive (03:42)

In 2017, the new president of Angola fires dos Santos as Sonangol chairperson and investigates her financial activities with Matter Business Solutions. Dos Santos states that payments were legitimate.

Criminal Investigation (02:50)

Dos Santos leaves Angola and authorities want her to return. The government freezes her assets and investigates all her business dealings. She insists the investigation and leaked documents are a politically motivated attack.

Credits: Taliban Country/The Luanda Leaks (01:01)

Credits: Taliban Country/The Luanda Leaks

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FRONTLINE presents two special reports from around the world. First, an on-the-ground story about the U.S. peace effort in Afghanistan that includes an unprecedented interview with the Taliban’s lead negotiator. Then an investigation with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists examining how Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos became Africa’s richest woman. 

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