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Introduction: Old School New School (01:04)


Steven Fischer wants to create work that deeply affects the audience. This film will explore three themes: finding your voice, security versus risk, and the definition of success.

Finding Your Voice (02:52)

Art should do more than look professional, it should have meaning. Your feelings are your voice. Be true to yourself a nd develop your voice by "doing."

Security Versus Risk (06:53)

Fischer questions whether anyone with any job can find success and how our decisions define us? True artists take risks and fail; failure has value. Be honest with yourself and willing to make sacrifices.

Environment and Creativity (05:56)

Some people can be creative anywhere while others need a specific space. Experts discuss finding your space and success when living in a small market; poverty can be a motivator.

Success in the Arts (11:14)

Who or what determines success and how does that answer affect self-perception? Trust your talent, accept constructive criticism, and recognize there are many paths; you define success.

Artist Review (02:01)

Learn about the accomplishments of William Fraker, Emanuel Azenberg, Ben ones, John Bailey, Kristie Simson, Sam McCready, Tomas Arana, Brian Cox, McCoy Turner, and James Ragan.

Credits: Old School New School (02:59)

Credits: Old School New School

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Old School New School

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A filmmaker crisscrosses the United States asking Emmy Award-, Oscar Award-, Grammy Award-, and Tony Award-winning artists about voice, success in the arts, and security versus risk in this educational documentary examining the nature of creativity.

Length: 34 minutes

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