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New Delhi, India (07:32)


Over one billion people do not have access to electricity. Varun Sivaram obtains an education in the U.S. and returns to India to help with the renewable energy transition. Hazardous air engulfs the city; women cook on biomass.

Singrauli, India (05:51)

India needs to address hazardous air pollution, control carbon emissions, deliver more energy, and reduce dirty sources. Approximately 70% of all electricity comes from coal. Water sprayed onto fields decreases dust, power stations are undergoing decommissioning, and transportation is moving to railroads.

Hyderabad: Renewable Power (03:43)

The region of Telangana is the second-largest producer of solar energy in India. The cost of renewable energy is 30-40% cheaper than thermal energy. India's energy needs will double in the next 30 years.

Hyderabad: Mines (04:23)

Miners work 24 hours a day to procure enough coal. One billion trees have been planted in the past five years to reduce pollution and emissions. The Gayam brothers produce electric tuk-tuks that cost 93% less than traditional models.

Returning to New Delhi (02:38)

Amitabh Kant oversees the government's energy transformation. Renewable technologies will improve quality of life. The energy challenge facing India is daunting.

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John Defterios travels across India to understand how rapid economic growth has placed huge demands upon the energy sector.

Length: 25 minutes

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