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The Bomb (16:35)


This video is about the dangers of nuclear accidents and how they can happen.

The Atomic Bomb - Enemy of Freedom (02:28)

The atomic bomb is a powerful, physical, destructive weapon that can cause massive damage to a city, as well as psychological terror. If an attack occurs, it may be necessary to stay in your fallout room for a week.

Atomic Energy Commission Safety Procedures (01:32)

Stay indoors for one hour or until further notice. There is no danger. This is simply routine Atomic Energy Commission safety procedure.

Preparing for An Atomic Bomb (15:37)

Cities and towns all over America are organizing local clean up, paint up, fix up campaigns in order to be better prepared for the possibility of an atom bomb explosion.

Countries With Nuclear Capabilities (03:14)

There is no way to disarm or bring back a nuclear missile once it has been launched. The more countries that have nuclear capability, the greater the chances of a nuclear war.

Credits (08:48)


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The Bomb

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This documentary tells the history of the development of nuclear weapons. Starting with the Trinity Test in 1945, it traces their tumultous journey to the present day. The film includes visual and auditory simulations of nuclear tests and archival footage to help the viewer understand the social and cultural influences on their development, the computer systems invented to control them, the missiles and bombers built to carry them, and the political intrigue that surrounds them.

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