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"Symphony No. 1 in C Minor" (06:28)


The Moscow Symphony Orchestra performs the fourth movement of the symphony that took Johannes Brahms over 20 years to complete. After receiving lessons from Eduard Marxsen, Brahms taught himself.

"Hungarian Dance No. 5" (04:40)

Brahms was a mentor to Antonin Dvorak. Critics compared Brahms to Ludwig van Beethoven. The "Handel" and "Paganini" variations combined piano virtuosity and polyphonic science.

"Variations on a theme of Paganini" (02:53)

Brahms' contemporaries included Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky criticized Brahms. This composition, performed by Emil Gilels, manipulates melodies and themes from Niccolo Paganini's work.

"Violin Concerto": First Movement (05:48)

Anton Martynov performs the solo piece, accompanied by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

"Hungarian Dance No. 19" (04:10)

Brahms originally intended the piece to be a piano suite; he added orchestration. He found inspiration in the natural world and forests. Brahms became wealthy off his compositions and never married.

Credits: Brahms (01:03)

Credits: Brahms

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This program details the events and influences that shaped the development of the man. Combined with stunning period images, paintings, and feature film inserts, the program explores the life and times of Brahms against a background of an orchestral performance that highlights some of his most popular works. Played by The Moscow Symphony Orchestra and conducted by, Constantine Krimets a graduate of both the Kiev State Conservatory and also the Moscow Conservatory featuring Anton Martynov (violin). Works examined include Variations on a theme of Hadyn, Symphony No1, Hungarian Dances No1 in G Minor, No5 in F, No19 in E Minor. O.20 in E Minor, and The Violin Concerto.

Length: 26 minutes

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