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Demand for Meat (04:01)


A high-tech revolution threatens the cattle industry. Startups are creating meat alternatives and growing meat in laboratories. KB Carter Ranch hands muster the herd.

Reinvention of Meat (04:06)

In Silicon Valley, Impossible Foods makes plant-based meats to help meet growing population demands while enhancing the land. Nick Halla discusses efficiency.

Lab-Grown Meat (02:29)

New Age Meats creates stem cell-based meat products. Brian Spears discusses production and cost.

Cell Cultured Meat (04:14)

JUST Inc. produces plant-based food products and lab grown meat. Josh Tetrick discusses eating well, motivation, and resistance. Craig Reucasse samples a lab created chicken nugget.

Meat Comparison (04:49)

St. Louis Burger Kings offer Impossible Foods' plant-based meat; Reucasse compares the Impossible Whopper to a traditional hamburger. Rib festival judges taste test Reucasse's plant-based hamburger.

Ozark Cattlemen (04:27)

Bobby Simpson, a fifth-generation rancher, heads the Missouri Cattlemen's Association that supports a meat labeling bill. Legislators defend laws to protect the cattle industry.

Meat Censorship? (06:02)

The alternative meats industry is suing Missouri. Bruce Friedrichs describes Missouri legislation as "rank protectionism." Reucassel tests whether packaging fools consumers. Experts discuss feedlots, environmental impact, and disruptors.

Credits: High Steaks (00:26)

Credits: High Steaks

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In this program, Craig Reucassel asks: is Silicon Valley killing the American cowboy? And what does a $100 chicken nugget taste like? He crosses the U.S. to find answers, meeting the cattlemen, lawmakers and West-Coast starts-ups who are locked in a high stakes battle over the future of our food.

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