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Philanthropists or Exploiters? (04:17)


Addiction is a national crisis that kills more people than car crashes and gun violence. In New York City, protesters entreat museums to stop taking donations from the Sackler family who owns Purdue Pharma. Oxycontin is twice the opioid strength of morphine.

West Virginia (03:30)

In McDowell County, 20% of residents are addicted to drugs of some form. Martin West discusses people turning to drugs and alcohol after the coal industry declined. A Purdue Pharma commercial says that less than 1% of patients that take Oxycontin become addicted.

Drug Addict (03:01)

A month out of rehab, Rocky describes how he is trying to turn his life around. Doctors are getting arrested for writing prescriptions for Oxycontin. A local schoolteacher establishes a gym to get kids off the streets.

War, West Virginia (02:38)

McDowell Pharmacy is now closed because it dispensed massive quantities of "hillbilly heroin." Purdue Pharma gets fined for misleading patients and doctors on addiction risks.

Next Wave of the Crisis (03:29)

San Francisco is liberal, rich, and the tech capital of the world. Homeless addicts inject drugs in public; there are more injection drug users than high school students in the city. Dennis Herrera explains how opioid use leads to addiction and how the Sackler family profits.

Heroin Addict (04:29)

George spends $50-80 dollars a day on heroin. Dan Ciccarone tracks Oxycontin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl use across America.

Intervention (07:36)

Paul Harkin delivers disease tests, NARCAN kits, and syringes to the homeless. GLIDE treats addicts with compassion; overdose deaths will increase with the use of fentanyl. Patrick Kennedy II discusses government failure; he vows to make Purdue Pharma pay for exploiting the American public.

Credits: Opioid America (00:20)

Credits: Opioid America

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A secretive billionaire family pushes a pill that triggers more deaths than guns or car crashes. From backwoods Appalachia to hi-tech San Francisco, Conor Duffy investigates America’s opioid scourge.

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