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Patriot Paws (07:50)


Every day, 22 veterans attempt suicide. The demand for service animals far surpasses the supply. Bonnie Hoard and Jay Springstead bring Barney to see Frank Defronzo who struggles with depression. Springstead discusses the death of his son.

Dallas, TX (04:02)

Motorcycles provide an escape for David Callaway. He reflects on his military service, struggle with socialization, and finding Patriot Paws. Volunteering provides a few hours of relief.

D.O.C. Partnership (04:08)

Patriot Paws partners with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Inmates at Gatesville Correctional Facility train service dogs. Former inmate Sharon Terrovona teaches Callaway how to train dogs.

Patriot Paws Recipients (03:57)

Defronzo arrives in Texas via the TSA Cares program. Veterans discuss their medical histories. Lori Stevens and Hoard explain next steps at the prison and allowing the dogs to pick the veterans.

Christina Melton Crain Unit (05:16)

The unit houses approximately 2,000 inmates. The Patriot Paws program benefits offenders and the community. Hoard reflects on what she has learned since working inside the prison. Inmates discuss working with the dogs and their backgrounds.

Training Center: Day One (05:32)

Entering the prison can cause anxiety for some veterans. Defronzo, Michael Karlson, and Daniel Heyd meet the dogs to determine the best partnerships; Heyd struggles. After the visit, Defronzo purchases a pair of cowboy boots.

Training Center: Day Two (02:51)

Sparky appears to pick Karlson and Tammy works with the pair. Kyle and Heyd work well together; Kathy reflects on their connection. Another veteran walks with Kyle, but Kyle stops and goes to Heyd.

Public Access Test (02:52)

Patriot Paws staff observe how the veteran and dog teams work together in public. Heyd reflects on his connection with Kyle; he and Defronzo have trouble sleeping.

Volunteers and Dog Owners (04:06)

Keith Young is a retired Army Colonel and Patriot Paws staff member; he works with Spot. Stevens and Terrovona reflect on the bond between Callaway and Fossil.

Graduation Day (06:10)

The women enter with the service dogs and chant. Springstead reflects on changes that occur for the veterans and offenders in the Patriot Paws program. Heyd receives Kyle, Defronzo receives Ross, and Karlson receives Sparky.

Six Months Later... (06:19)

Fossil helps Callaway overcome social anxiety and build confidence. Callaway meets students who train dogs for Patriot Paws. Ross helps Defronzo feel more calm and secure. Young and Springstead reflect on how dogs save people and help them find courage.

Credits: The Greatest Bond (00:50)

Credits: The Greatest Bond

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An inspirational documentary, highlighting the journey of disabled veterans whose lives are changed through the unconditional love of service dogs that have been trained by female prison inmates. Join three veterans as they meet their service dog and work with the inmates in a Texas women’s prison. Witness these men’s transformation, as each dog expands the veteran’s world and heals their hearts.

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