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Introduction: Borneo (02:11)


The third largest island in the world contains unique species and human cultures.

Proboscis Monkey (08:29)

Mangroves and flooded forests fringe the shores. The proboscis' features include an enlarged nose to attract mates, a potbelly that digests bitter leaves, and webbed feet to swim. A salt-water crocodile blocks a path.

Bajau Laut (08:00)

Borneo has rich coral reefs that erupted after the island broke away from Thailand and mainland Malaysia. Over generations, the sea nomads' spleens have grown larger to provide more oxygen for diving. The village of Tatagan relies on the sea and converts plastic into lures.

Borneo Orangutan (05:11)

This ancient lowland rainforest covers an area larger than California. Babies live with their mothers for up to eight years under the branches of dipterocarp trees. The primates can self-medicate by making a paste from plants.

Lantern Bug (04:22)

Flying lizards glide through the jungle during the day. The bugs suck sap out of trees at night with a small proboscis. A gecko feeds on the excess flung away from the insect's abdomen.

Tree Hole Frog (04:09)

One hundred eighty species of frog sing for a mate. The tree frog finds a pit that amplifies its voice to attract a female and raise its tadpoles.

Bornean Sun Bear (04:21)

Giant trees suck up most nutrients. Species have evolved into smaller sizes. The bear feeds on grubs, beetles, and honey in the jungle trees.

Tajem Tree (05:33)

The Penan people rely on generational knowledge to find food and use Oroo to relay messages. Bark oozes a deadly poison that hunters use on darts to catch prey. The tribe gathers for a feast.

Deer Cave (04:20)

At sunset, the bat hawks gorge on swarms of bats. Cockroaches, cave spiders, crabs, and insects feed on the guano.

Hemsleyana Pitcher (06:56)

Mount Kinabalu is one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia. A lack of nutrients stunts tree growth. Pitcher plants lure victims into digestive enzymes. A wooly bat shelters in the plant until dusk, providing nutrient-rich guano.

Deforestation (02:51)

Over half of Borneo's rainforests have been cleared for timber and agriculture. Orangutans are loosing their land.

Credits: Borneo (00:33)

Credits: Borneo

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A journey from Borneo’s rich coral reefs, through lush jungles to its mountainous heart, reveals it is no paradise, and the struggles for survival are the secret to a greater variety of life than found on almost any other island, from orangutans to sun bears and flying snakes.

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