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"Iliad": Greeks Retreat (02:45)


Apollo has awakened new courage within the Trojans. They return to battle led by Hector.

"Iliad": Story of Patroclus (05:55)

The cousin of Achilles treats wounded Greek warriors with powders. As the Greeks are falling, he pleads with the son of Peleus and Thetis to let him lead the Myrmidons. He agrees, but with conditions.

"Iliad": Myrmidons (03:34)

Patroclus puts on Achilles' armor to lead the most feared warriors in the world. Paris does not believe the rumor that Achilles has returned to battle and will soon face Hector. Cassandra pleads with her brother to return Helen to Menelaus.

"Iliad": Trojans Retreat (04:43)

Led by Patroclus, the Myrmidons charge towards the Trojans. Patroclus forgets Achilles' advice and plans to pursue the Trojans towards Troy. Patroclus kills Sarpedon.

"Iliad": Death of Patroclus (04:25)

Patroclus pursues the Trojans, but fails to get over the wall guarded by Apollo. Hector kills him and takes the armor of Achilles. The Greeks attempt to defend his body, hoping to earn his cousin's gratitude.

"Iliad": Achilles Returns to Battle (03:20)

Thetis flies to her son who has lost his cousin, his sacred armor, and weapons. She reminds him that the events happened according to his own wishes. He vows to kill Hector and accepts his own death.

Credits: Iliad: Episode 7 - Patroclus and the Myrmidons (00:31)

Credits: Iliad: Episode 7 - Patroclus and the Myrmidons

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Iliad: Episode 7 - Patroclus and the Myrmidons

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths - Iliad
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Miraculously saved by Apollo, Hector goes back on the attack and leads the Trojans as far as the Greeks' ships. Soon the entire fleet will be set ablaze. Patroclus, a childhood friend of Achilles, rushes to him and implores him to re-join the battle…

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