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Designer Le Corbusier (04:30)


Gilles Coudert details the weekly schedule of his childhood through his interactions with Le Corbusier's architecture in the Firminy-Vert district. Coudert decides to interview others with the shared experience.

House of the Madman (07:42)

One of Le Corbusier's buildings in Marseilles is the Maison du Fada. Alexandre Périgot discusses the etymology of the word "fada" to examine the reaction to Le Corbusier's innovative housing unit. Various artists discuss Le Corbusier and his influence on their work.

Streets of Cité Radieuse (05:33)

Hallways in the common spaces resemble a city with restaurants and shops. Domènec’s mobile sculpture of the building wanders the streets and rooftop. It parallels the relationship between industrial aesthetics and functional play spaces in Le Corbusier's work.

The Modulor (04:18)

All Le Corbusier's constructions have a design of a man with its arm raised; it is an anthropometric scale of proportions. A choreographer and architect discuss their collaboration inspired by the geometry and movement in Le Corbusier's signature design.

Unité d'habitation (12:34)

In Firminy-Vert, film and local experiences provide insight on the community and character of Le Corbusier’s housing unit. The vertical village initially receives criticism for its size. Today, wealthy families seek the tiny apartments.

Maison de la Culture (07:52)

Iannis Xenakis collaborates with Le Corbusier on the colors of the facade, creating a musical fresco. Le Corbusier's influence continues to appear in the works of those inspired by his aesthetics and principles.

Le Corbusier's Cabin (04:00)

Architect Marc Barani restores the Riviera cabin that was built in 1952. He is also responsible for the extension to the cemetery where Le Corbusier is buried.

Saint-Pierre Church (04:22)

The church with special acoustics was completed in 2006. In tribute to Le Corbusier, contemporary music was specially composed for the space.

Credits: Le Corbusier Effect (00:55)

Credits: Le Corbusier Effect

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Gilles Coudert’s film “Le Corbusier Effect” juxtaposes the director’s experience during adolescence in Firminy where the largest ensemble built by Le Corbusier in Europe is situated, with the testimonies of a variety of contemporary creators (artists, architects, choreographers, filmmakers, designers, composers), the interventions of the architectural historian Jean-Louis Cohen, and also the inhabitants or users of the Firminy ensemble. Each evokes in their own way an influence, a filiation or a critical positioning regarding the architect, his work, and his spirit. The architectural works of Le Corbusier have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage since July 2016.

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