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Work Overload (00:51)


Work demands and a 24/7 lifestyle lead to heavy workload. Eve Ash has researched overload management and will discuss the issue.

Work Environment (02:25)

Physical environment is crucial to productivity. Large computer screens and well designed chairs help. Building temperature and cleanliness influence performance.

Visual Environment (02:32)

Daylight improves performance. Some colors are more and less conducive to performance. Twelve font in sans serif is the best to read on a computer screen.

Desk and Workspace (02:08)

Piles on a desk cause stress; clear the desk while keeping things within reach. Music, multitasking and over-stimulation are considered.

Time Management (02:32)

Bunch similar tasks such as phone calls. Plan the day before what you will do the next day. Start your day by with a difficult task, or a "backlog" task.

Urgent Versus Important (01:04)

A danger is that we constantly do urgent tasks, leaving important but not urgent tasks until later, producing stress. A do-it-now mentality is crucial.

Looking After Body (01:34)

Stretch at your desk. Drink water before you are thirsty. Coffee does not hydrate.

Managing E-Mails (01:48)

Some people check e-mail to kill time, or have e-mail open all the time, which allows it to distract. Set times to check e-mail. Deal with e-mails quickly.

24/7 Addiction (01:40)

We can do now do work at any time of day, which causes us to lose a sense of where work ends.

Taking Control (01:36)

Carving out time out from work. Don't have Instant Messenger on all the time.

Credits: 6 Ways to Manage Overload (00:11)

Credits: 6 Ways to Manage Overload

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Anyone dealing with overload in the workplace will find this program extremely useful. Key topics covered in this video include physical environment, desk and work habits, time management, looking after your body, how to manage e-mails, and breaking the 24/7 addictions. (19 minutes)

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