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Pooches in Palm Beach (02:03)


A wealthy couple with 4 Yorkies pamper the dogs with wardrobes, jewelry, vacations, and more. Pooches in Palm Beach are pampered, groomed, and treated like children.

Doggie Clothing (01:47)

We meet a woman who manufactures clothing and accessories in an attempt to cash in on the doggie obsession in Hollywood.

Dog Fashion and Fashion Models (02:19)

A photo shoot is underway for "Modern Dog" magazine, a global publication with over one-half million readers. It is a lifestyle magazine meant to cater to people who love dogs.

Border Collies (02:48)

Bedlam Farm is home to lots and sheep and border collies that need something to do. Their owner does not treat his dogs like humans; he keeps his perspective, understanding that we may expect too much of our dogs.

"Disney Dogs" and Hero dogs (03:45)

Hollywood has created an image of dogs as emotional, thinking creatures that would cross 800 miles of tundra to be reunited with their owners. Dogs perform amazing feats in war zones around the world. We visit the central dog clearing house in Lackland, Texas, where dogs are trained to do many kinds of jobs.

Military Dog Training (03:09)

Basic training, canine style, takes about one year. Trainers look for any sign of fear shown by a dog. While dogs' teeth are powerful, the nose is much more powerful than a human's nose. In combat zones, they nose out bombs and land mines. We see dogs made famous by their heroism, including Rin Tin Tin.

Psychologist: About Dogs (02:03)

A psychologist explains and demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs. In general dogs need to have a purpose or a job to do.

Canine University (03:26)

At a doggie university, dogs and their owners learn to dance together. We meet a doggie dance instructor. She says dancing dogs are competitive on the dance circuit.

Canine Understanding (03:14)

A researcher in Germany evaluates how much dogs actually understand. According to an expert, dogs can understand about what a human 2-year-old can understand. We learn that some dog behavior has been bred into them by humans.

Veterinary Medicine (02:53)

Today vets use cutting edge techniques to care for pets. Pet owners often demand the same medical services for their pets as they would for humans. Organ transplants are also performed on pets. We observe an animal blood transfusion.

Celebrities and Dogs (02:01)

Pet owners in North America spend around $41 billion annually. "Silver Spoon" is an upscale affair in Hollywood that attracts celebs in their search for the newest, best and, in many cases, the most expensive items for their pooches.

Doggie Salon (02:33)

In Palm Beach, the Royal Pet Grooming salon is the most prestigious in the area. Owners flock to the salon to prepare for the annual pet parade. We meet a wig master for creates wigs for dogs. Doggie hair pieces can cost up to a thousand dollars or more.

Dogs as Family Members (03:03)

Today, dogs are companions for humans. They are welcomed at restaurants; celebrate their birthdays with cakes, candles, and guests; participate in doggie weddings; and are honored at their own funerals. We visit a doggie hotel where the owner insists that "every dog gets its day." Nothing is off limits for the hotel guests.

Palm Beach Pet Parade (02:57)

The annual pet parade attracts over 700 breeds, all dressed up with painted nails, outfits, sunglasses, and so much more. "Designer dogs" first appeared in Australia with the advent of the labradoodle. Over time, breeds have come and gone.

Doggie Dance Contest (02:21)

Teams come from all over the Northeastern U.S. and Canada to participate in the owner/dog dance contest. Owners and dogs alike wear costumes and dance their hearts out.

Magic of Dogs (01:32)

Dogs help people open new doors and build new relationships. "Where there's a pooch, there's a happy owner."

Credits: Canine: Confidential (01:14)

Credits: Canine: Confidential

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Did you know that as many as one million dogs in the U.S are named as the primary beneficiaries in their owner's will? From the opulent world of Palm Beach diva pups to dogs that are trained for combat in Iraq, this program explores the fascinating, mutually-satisfying, thousands-of-years-old relationship that humans have with dogs. Viewers meet a wealthy couple with money to burn on their four Yorkies, a couture designer whose fashions are made for dogs, and a woman who gave up an advertising career to dance with her dogs. Also featured: a German research institute that studies doggie I.Q. A part of the series Confidential. (45 minutes)

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