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World of Wine (01:42)


Wine is all about tradition, innovation, romance, choice--and confusion. Visit a Toronto wine auction, ancient Bordeaux vineyards, and a maker of handcrafted wine in California to learn more about this fascinating, complex subject.

New Generation of Wine Enthusiasts (02:45)

With quality wine produced all over the world, the choices can be overwhelming. So one young couple started a wine club and website, and they host wine tours. The basics are simple, but wine is complicated. Millennials want to learn more.

Wine Library TV (02:25)

Gary Vaynerchuk is on a mission to change attitudes about wine. His Internet TV show aims to overcome intimidation, give people self-confidence. He credits the Internet and the movie "Sideways" for a surge in interest in wine.

Celebrity Investors (01:48)

Wine is now considered cool and hip. Marketing campaigns appeal to young millennials. Dan Akroyd invested in a winery and restaurant. Wayne Gretzky says wine is now chic, even among hockey fans.

Parker Points (01:21)

Wine has replaced beer as the favorite beverage in the U.S. Robert Parker, creator of the 100-point wine-rating system, and the world's most powerful wine critic, is amazed by the great wines under $15. One country no longer rules.

Terroir (02:20)

For 500 years, the Bordeaux region of France has produced the greatest wines in the world. A master sommelier shares his passion with tourists. The keys to good wine are not grapes, but the climate and soil unique to each vineyard.

Chateau Reignac (01:59)

This 17th century estate produces award winning wines but has only an ordinary rating from the government. In tastings, the wine compares to the best of Bordeaux. But finding great wine at cheap prices is hard with so many choices.

Wine School (01:21)

In the city of Bordeaux, the secrets of the region's wines are revealed in wine schools. Jane Anson shows students how to identify wine by taste and smell. Traditional French labels don't identify the type of grape.

International Wine Tasting Challenge (03:58)

Phil Sabatino's Toronto restaurant offers 3,000 wines. He needs a knowledgeable staff. In this competition, experts have 50 minutes to identify seven wines by region and country of origin, grape type, and year. They explain the process.

Complacency and Competition (01:55)

The village of Saint Emilion celebrates the region's deep roots in Bordeaux's wine culture with a pageant each September. But Bordeaux has been slow to recognize that tradition no longer guarantees success.

Turning Point for Winemakers (02:22)

Today, American wines from Sonoma and Napa rank among the finest in the world. California wine wasn't always so fine. But in 1976, a panel of French experts at a blind tasting in Paris ranked California wines best, a stunning upset. Wine expert Robert Parker recalls.

Seeking Expertise (01:19)

In Napa Valley, cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean created perfect growing conditions. Young vintners combed the world looking for good ideas. The California approach to winemaking is innovative and independent.

Unconventional Winemaker (02:42)

Sean Thackrey's winery is his back yard. He talks about his approach to his craft. Instead of using technology, Thackrey and his team do the work by hand, using antique manuals for inspiration. His advice: Don't overthink wine.

Two Buck Chuck (02:47)

Charles Shaw wine comes from an industrial-scale winery in the San Joaquin Valley. The brand sells for a few dollars--and the Chardonnay is an award-winner. Experts in Toronto taste it and pronounce it very drinkable.

French Wine Revolution (02:21)

Many French winemakers face bankruptcy due to world competition. In an effort to recover lost sales, vintners in Bordeaux are adopting New World techniques like delaying harvesting to fully ripen the grapes, producing richer, fruitier wine.

Cork Taint (02:23)

Screwcaps, once associated with cheap wine, have gone upscale. Cork stoppers are traditional, but contaminated corks can give wine a moldy taste. Corks are improving, but many winemakers are turning to screwcaps.

Cork vs. Screwcap (02:31)

Screwcaps retard aging to preserve crisp flavors, desirable in many white wines. Sommeliers taste two versions of a 5-year old white wine--one corked and one with a screwcap. They can easily tell the difference.

Winning Wine Tasters (01:25)

The winners of the International Wine Tasting Challenge are announced at a banquet. Tasting competitions are part of wine's growing popularity.

Wine Collecting (02:39)

Collector Charles Klatskin has 15,000 bottles of wine. He talks about his passion for red wine. His taste has gotten more expensive over the years. His collection is an investment. As with investing in stocks, patience is the key. His advice: Read.

Wine Shopping by the Numbers (00:58)

Gary Vaynerchuk sees that customers in his wine store don't want to read. It's easier to make a decision based on rankings. People shop scores and labels. Buy what you like, because we each have a unique sense of taste.

Three Taste Groups (02:23)

A tour group at Flat Rock Cellars winery takes part in a research study about how individuals perceive taste. In an experiment, one odorless chemical reveals a range of taste reactions.

Trust Your Taste Buds (01:30)

Knowing that 50% of the population are medium tasters has implications for winemaking. Taste experiments could give us all more confidence. Experts say don't worry about what the critics say. Just find the wine that's right for you.

Credits: Wine: Confidential (00:57)

Credits: Wine: Confidential

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Along with a phenomenal growth in wine production and sales is an explosion in wine appreciation. And forget the old-style wine snobs—today it’s all about wine-geeks and a young generation of grape lovers who prefer taste to pedigree. But is it true that only France’s unique combination of soil and climate can produce fine wine? At the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 California vintages trounced all others, causing one dismayed judge to demand her ballot back and claim fraud. This program takes a look at the growing demand for reasonably-priced wine and what it means for France’s wine industry. A part of the series Confidential. (48 minutes)

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