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Revival Of Information (06:55)


The artist changed his focus from abstraction to using referential imagery, which created a new type of painting.

Taking it in any direction you wanted (03:21)

The speaker reflects on how the definition of "decoration" has shifted over time, and how this has affected the way he approaches his art. He notes that, at first, it seemed as if the work was fun and lighthearted, but that it is actually quite tough.

Flowers: A Referential Piece (02:50)

He liked to paint repetitive images on surfaces, and found that flowers were a good subject to do that with.

Patterns And Irony (06:30)

The artist discusses how he incorporates mundane images into his paintings in a way that is both ironic and fun. He argues that these images go through a rigorous transition in order to become a part of his paintings, and that this process is what makes his work unique.

Credits (00:03)


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This documentary by filmmaker Elliot Caplan examines the paintings of American artist Robert Zakanitch and the 1981 exhibition of his work at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. It depicts the painter's work through the early 70s and traces a career which led to a radical transformation of ideas in contemporary American art. It features interviews with Zakanitch on how his work developed and the concept of art as "decoration" and shows him at work in his studio.

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