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Homemade Southern Biscuits (03:30)


Carrie Morey is the owner of Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, a food truck in Charleston, South Carolina. She sells handmade southern biscuits.

Preparation For Soft Opening (03:24)

Soft opening of the business will be a nice Sunday celebration in the Old Village where Carrie grew up. Carrie shares who are helping out and describes what jobs they will be doing.

Food Truck Sells Out (01:18)

Carrie is excited because her food truck is doing well, and she sold out of everything pretty quickly. Carrie is proud of her crew and children.

Making Biscuits Demo (02:06)

Carrie is doing a demo of making biscuits and serving them with mushroom gravy. She loves showing people the art of biscuit making, because she feels it's a dying art.

Mom's Ham Biscuits (01:49)

Callie is Carrie's Mom, and the inspiration for wanting to start the biscuit business. She is known for her signature ham biscuits.

Carrie and Callie's Relationship (02:41)

Carrie shares about her and her Mom's relationship. Her Mom was the hold-back in their previous business relationship, but they have since matured and have a solid relationship.

Carrie Struggles with Staff (05:02)

Carrie is trying to take care of multiple things at once, and she is explaining she can't be in four places at one time. There is a staffing struggle at the biscuit bakery. The GM's and shift leaders need to properly teach the staff the culture, and how to treat the customers and keep them happy.

The Life of An Entrepreneur (02:37)

The life of an entrepreneur is hard but rewarding. They often have to work long hours and make sacrifices, but they are able to make their own schedule and are their own boss.

Employees Prepare to Celebrate (01:30)

Employees at a company bonding event enjoyed playing games, eating food, and getting to know each other better. Carrie believes that family and care are the most important values for the company and its employees.

Credits (00:40)


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It’s a full life, every day. Carrie Morey runs a growing business based on her mother’s biscuit recipe. She does this from her kitchen, her car, food festivals, her daughter’s volleyball games and anywhere else she finds herself.

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