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Hot Little Biscuits (03:01)


The Hot Little Biscuit Bake Shop was started to solve the problem of not being able to get hot biscuits. They have two locations in Charleston and one in Atlanta. The first 10 people in line for Hot Little Biscuit in Charlotte will get free coffee for a year.

Opening a New Store (03:10)

The speaker is opening a new store in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are nervous about the launch, but they are also trying to focus on the tasks at hand. They remind themselves that the revenue has been growing and they should continue to take advantage of that.

Hiring a New General Manager (04:04)

The new general manager for Charlotte was hired without meeting in person first. The first impression is a good one.

Getting PR on Morning Show (03:49)

The goal is to get the morning show host to taste the biscuits and hopefully they'll say they're delicious, which will make people want to come see the bakery.

Preparing for Grand Opening (04:34)

The team is preparing for their grand opening and only has two days to train. They are using a new fryer that cooks the chicken in 11 minutes. Cate is trying to make a list of things to do before she leaves.

Specialty Biscuits and Coffee (04:56)

The first 10 people in line at a new biscuit shop get free coffee for a year. A group of people drove from 4 a.m. to get in line, and they are now the first 10 people.

Credits (00:60)


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Carrie and her team make final preparations to open a new store in Charlotte, NC. In the middle of it all, Carrie must return home to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. Shortly after a successful opening, the pandemic hits.

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