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Small Businesses Closing Due to Pandemic (03:19)


Hot Little Biscuit is a bakery that is closing due to the Pandemic and owner Carrie Morey is introducing a new brand.

Can Carrie's Business Survive? (02:19)

The Pandemic has caused major cash flow issues for Carrie's business. She is not taking a salary and is worried she won't be able to pay her staff.

How to Pay Employees in a Crisis (02:42)

The speaker is a business owner who has had to lay off employees due to the pandemic. They are anxious about their employees' livelihoods and are struggling to take care of them.

Hot Little Biscuit Food Truck (01:59)

Hot Little Biscuit continues to do well because of the food truck which helps us sell our product to people who are not able to go to our store.

Supply Chain Issues (04:44)

They are waiting for a shipment of flour that may or may not come. The speaker is relieved when the flour truck arrives.

Rebrand Leads to Instagram Challenge (01:47)

Carrie is grateful she was able to rebrand and continue her business with a food truck. Euna Mae's owner Amy Hannon challenges Carrie to do an Instagram Live Chopped.

New Rules Due to Covid (01:03)

The owner of a popular restaurant chain explains how he's adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic by instituting new rules, including no contact pickup and shorter hours. He also notes that masks are the toughest thing to work with.

Supply Chain Problems Create Issues (03:34)

The food industry is used to a frenetic pace, but it is very quiet now because of COVID. The logistics caused by supply chain problems are creating issues for making biscuits.

1,000 New Customers with New Offer (00:29)

Carrie got 1,000 new customers by offering breakfast in bed to residents who are all quarantined.

Demonstrations Cause More Closures (01:44)

Hot Little Biscuit boarded up their restaurant because of concerns about looting during Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Credits (00:45)


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On the day Carrie and her team are set to finally launch a rebrand of their biscuit business, the coronavirus overtakes America. Over the next months, she will shed staff, run out of flour, but also discover a new path to success.

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