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Pie Bake Off Competition (06:43)


Carrie Morey invites her bakers to a Pie Bake Off competition. She is having the bakers make their own pies and bringing them in for the competition.

Carrie Takes Employees to Hickory Hill Farms (03:23)

Buttermilk is an essential ingredient to make the biscuits. Carrie takes her employees to Hickory Hill Farms to learn how buttermilk is made.

Barn Tour (02:27)

The employees tour the cow nursery area. Protein, vitamins and minerals are added to the ration so that the buttermilk comes out creamy, thick and has a great taste. A nutritionist comes in every two weeks to keep the cows happy, healthy and productive.

Making Apple Pie (02:46)

The speaker recalls her grandmother teaching her as a child how to make apple pie as she makes one herself. Cinnamon is an important ingredient.

Versatility of Buttermilk (01:39)

The buttermilk at the farm is cultured for 18 to 20 hours. It can be used in pancake mixes, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and biscuits.

Making a Pie for the Contest (02:31)

The baker is making a chocolate meringue with chocolate whipped cream and toasted pecans for the contest.

Cate's Chocolate Pie (01:34)

Cate enters a chocolate pie with homemade whipped cream into the competition.

Categories for the Contest (02:55)

The categories for the contest are presentation, taste and flavor, pie requirements, and creativity. The winner is chosen as best overall.

Credits (00:40)


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Episode 4: Farm to Table (How She Rolls)

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While her staff of bakers compete to make the best pie, Carrie takes employees to a South Carolina dairy farm to see how one of their essential ingredients, buttermilk, is made. The day ends making fresh biscuits with the farmer’s wife.

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