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Biscuits Maker Organizes Cookbook (02:25)


Carrie Morey is a self-taught Southern biscuit maker who was approached by a publisher to write a cookbook. She is overwhelmed by the number of recipes she has and needs help sorting them. She and the publisher decide to categorize them by season and type of dish.

Recipe Tester (03:24)

Lindsay tests recipes for the blog and the new cookbook. She is great at communicating via different methods and is a whiz in the kitchen.

Carrie Seeks Advice: Scott's Whole Hog Barbecue (04:03)

Rodney Scott is a barbecue pitmaster who has been in the business for over six years. He shows Carrie how he cooks whole hogs and how he seasons them with a family recipe. He also talks about the importance of having a collaborative relationship with other entrepreneurs.

How to Scale a Home Cooking Business (02:43)

Rodney Scott has successfully scaled his home recipe for pork barbecue to a business with multiple locations. He credits his team of experts and his focus on providing a great customer experience for his success.

Carrie Helps Other Food Entrepreneurs (02:41)

Ali Mitchell started Mama Mitchell's Famous Pound Cake recipes to carry on her grandmother's tradition. Carrie Brownstein offered to help her, and they talked about how to improve Ali's shipping methods.

Cake Baker: Advice for Aspiring Pros (01:28)

To start a home-based cake business, start by baking out of your oven to minimize expenses and find a rental space one or two days a week. As your sales increase, you can increase your production. Be sure to have a great product, packaging, and passion to be successful.

Sorting Recipes with Friends (01:42)

Carrie is working on a new cookbook and needs help with some of the recipes. She goes to her friends for help and they take some photos for the book.

Cookbook Photographer Angie Mosier (03:50)

Angie Mosier is a cookbook photographer from Atlanta, Georgia, who helps Carrie take photographs of the recipes. Today, they are making salmon with naans.

Carrie's Cookbook (01:29)

The author is proud of her team for their work on a cookbook, but is anxious to see the finished product.

Credits (00:41)


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Carries creates recipes for her next cookbook, enlisting a friend to assist in the process. She also meets with a renowned local barbecue chef to discuss collaborations and mentors a woman just entering the online bakery business.

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