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Bea Shaffer and Nathalie Dupree Introduction (01:42)


Bea Shaffer worked with Carrie for eight years, now owns a coffee shop, and helped found Hot Little Biscuits. She considers Carrie and Nathalie Dupree her mentors. Carrie feels Nathalie is the queen of biscuits and southern food.

Carrie Morey: Introduction (01:09)

Carrie Morey is the founder of Hot Little Biscuits, a company that makes and sells handmade Southern biscuits. She and Nathalie Dupree are about to take a road trip to Atlanta.

Visiting Java, Java (00:40)

Bea's restaurant, Java, Java, is a coffee shop that specializes in coffee with breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Carrie and Bea arrive to visit.

Bea's Experience Owning Her Business (01:18)

Carrie and Nathalie are looking forward to having Bea's cooking. Carrie was Bea's teacher when she worked for her. Nathalie comments on the creativity she sees at Bea's and how nice it is to see women teaching women, networking, and helping each other.

Planning the Road Trip to Atlanta (00:54)

Callie's Biscuits has a significant presence in Charleston. Carrie and Nathalie plan a biscuit tour road trip to Atlanta, but Bea won't be going.

Atlanta Hot Little Biscuit Shop (03:49)

Carrie tries to see her Hot Little Biscuit shops at least once a month. This time she's visiting the Atlanta shop. The General Manager, Michael, loves making biscuits because they take people back to their childhood.

Heading to Monroe, Georgia (02:13)

Carrie, Nathalie, and John leave from Charleston for the road trip to Atlanta. Carrie wants John to drive to Monroe, Georgia, to visit a biscuit queen named Felicia, who has a small kitchen in a gas station.

Felicia's Biscuits and Chicken (01:32)

Felicia is a self-taught biscuit master who makes about 3,000 biscuits every week. She also cooks chicken. Carrie calls the biscuits and chicken divine and wants to stay for a few meals. Bea says 'food people are good people.

Southern Food, American Basic Home Cooking (01:32)

Carrie asks why people are drawn to southern food; Nathalie feels it's because it's the basic home cooking of America. Carrie hopes to inspire her Atlanta staff this visit. And she also wants to see chef Deborah VanTrece.

Deborah's Sweet Potato Biscuits (01:23)

Deborah Van Trece's restaurant is Twisted Soul, where she is the queen of soul food. The biscuit of choice is sweet potato, cinnamon, brown sugar, topped with honey butter. Deborah is a big fan of Little Callie's biscuits, and Nathalie Dupree is like the queen herself.

The Story Of Twisted Soul (01:03)

The food at Twisted Soul is globally inspired soul food that has a story and evokes memories. Carrie invites Deborah to give her employees a taste of Twisted Soul's biscuits and their history.

Traditional Biscuit Demonstration by Nathalie (02:59)

The group gathers at Hot Little Biscuits where Nathalie demonstrates her recipe first.

Nathalie and Deborah Make Their Biscuits (01:38)

Grand Dame Nathalie Dupree's biscuits are simple yet fluffy and taste immaculate. Deborah is from the Midwest, where they made biscuits with Brer Rabbit Syrup. They wrap up by tasting all the biscuits.

Sharing Family Biscuit Making Traditions (01:45)

These biscuits look amazing. Knowing the stories behind the biscuits makes them even more special. Everyone has different memories and stories.

Credits (00:54)


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Carrie takes a RV road trip with chef Nathalie Dupree to explore biscuit making. They arrive in Atlanta, meet with a local chef and reflect on how they all came to understand the cultural importance of biscuits.

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