Segments in this Video

Company Growth and Overwhelm (04:06)


Carrie Morey, the founder of a growing biscuit company, is feeling overwhelmed and may have to shut it down. She admits that she is not able to do it all and needs to take a step back to make a plan.

Pivotal Point in the Business (02:14)

Carrie is having trouble paying the water bill and is worried about being disconnected. It has not been paid in a year. The business was thriving before the pandemic and is like a ghost town now. The business is at a pivotal point where they have to make a decision on whether to stay open or close. They only have four weeks of payroll left.

Getting Help From Experts (04:32)

The company is looking for a large investment to help them grow their business. They need to increase their production in order to meet demand, and they need to invest in marketing in order to reach more consumers.

Preparing for Growth in the Business (08:19)

The handmade process is the heart of the business. The business is moving forward with a goal to be the number one biscuit company in America. They are motivated by the challenge of the work ahead and the potential for growth.

Employee Appreciation (03:18)

Carrie is putting together year-end company gift bags and writing personal notes to everyone.

The Business is Set for Growth (01:26)

Carrie is not scared that the business is going to fail anymore. She feels confident that it will grow.

Credits (00:40)


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As Carrie seeks to rebalance her work and her life, some big decisions loom about the future of the company. Will she have to close a store? Can she afford to expand the bakery? Is she willing to let go of some things in order to grow?

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