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A Spiritual Path - Who is John Muir? (02:38)


People who appreciate nature can find spiritual meaning in it.

How Disconnected We Are From Natural Places? (04:13)

John Muir was a naturalist who experienced the interconnectedness of all things in nature. He felt a deep sense of awe and wonder in the presence of the sublime and believed that it could trigger feelings of humanity and empathy in people.

Muir'S Spirituality (04:08)

John Muir was a great communicator of the excitement of nature and the mystical idea that anyone else could then see immediately what he was talking about and what needed to be done.

Credits (01:18)


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Muir's Environmental Activism — The Unruly Mystic: John Muir

Part of the Series : The Unruly Mystic: John Muir
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This program examines John Muir's environmental activism and push for preservation of natural resources and lands, considering why he felt wilderness is worth protecting. It looks at his founding of the Sierra Club and his push to preserve the areas that became Yosemite and Sequioa National Parks.

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