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Nalcrest Retirement Community (05:03)


David and Boomer live at the community for the National Association of Letter Carriers in Florida. David decided to retire after he realized he was making too many mistakes on the job. Boomer is battling cancer.

Nalcrest's Activities (04:54)

Nalcrest has numerous activities and community spaces. David prepares his boat at the dock and drives it around the community. Boomer spends time with his two dogs.

Nalcrest's Purpose (09:24)

NALC President William Doherty built Nalcrest in 1962 so letter carriers would have an affordable place to retire. Home to 400 residents, it struggles with expansion costs. For many residents, it is much nicer than where they grew up.

Different Lives at Nalcrest (09:29)

Boomer, drunk, drives his golf cart home after a night at the bar with his friends. David has deteriorating eyesight and says grace before eating dinner by himself. Boomer is well known throughout the community.

Boomer and Leola (04:00)

Boomer's friend Leola worries that he is not eating and drinking heavily. She taught him to rethink racist views he had while growing up.

Vietnam Veterans (07:24)

Vic and many of the other community residents, like Boomer, are veterans. Boomer's PTSD symptoms have gotten worse, and he goes to the VA clinic.

Life at Nalcrest (07:43)

Leola goes fishing to feel less depressed. Boomer joins her because he does not want to visit his brother, who is in a coma.

Future at Nalcrest (10:30)

Boomer talks about his mental health struggles. Many residents worry that Nalcrest will become privatized, and they will lose their homes.

Independence at Nalcrest (07:10)

Boomer attends a rodeo away from Nalcrest. David drives his golf cart around Nalcrest though he can barely see. Leola talks about the sexism she faced on the job.

Afterlife (02:39)

David's religion makes him certain of what comes after death. Leola and Boomer theorize about human energy.

Nalcrest Community (04:22)

Nalcrest was built with the idea of having a strong community. Funeral services are held for each member who passes away.

Leaving Nalcrest (04:35)

Boomer moves to a prefab model home park. David's eyesight worsens and he is forced to move into an adult care facility.

After Nalcrest (05:56)

Boomer gets injured during a hurricane and has the lower part of his leg amputated. He is staying in a rehab facility and being fitted with a prosthetic leg.

Moving for Family (04:49)

Boomer moves in with his family in Oregon. David moves in with his sister in Virginia but is trying to find low-income housing of his own.

Going Forward (07:44)

Boomer struggles to settle in with his son and grandson in Oregon. David is still staying at his sister's farm.

Credits: Florida Water (00:54)

Credits: Florida Water

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As 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, the US faces serious questions about the role of seniors in families, communities, and society at large. This film explores these issues through the parallel, but divergent lives of two retired seniors; Boomer and David. Boomer is a second-generation German-American and a Vietnam vet. David is a devout Christian from rural Florida. They both live in Nalcrest, a Florida retirement community built by the letter carriers union in 1963.

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