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Feeling Different (03:25)


At a young age, filmmaker and psychologist Eve Ash speculated that she was different from her family. Eve's parents and older sister settled in Melbourne in 1949. Her mother, Martha, was passionate, artistic, and social. Her father, Feliks, created a successful clothing business.

Home Movies (03:45)

After her mother's death, Eve processes old Super 8 films. One film depicts Eve as a child, playing with a young boy and a man. Eve and her sister, Helen, discuss their mother's mysterious actions.

Family Dynamics (06:30)

Eve talks with her mother's cousin, Sophie Schorr-Reiner, and her father's cousin Gideon Markham about her parents. Eve reflects on her mother's constant lies. Decades earlier, Martha confesses her affairs to researchers.

Orphaned by War (04:49)

Martha was an only child born in Poland and raised by a single mother who ran a hat shop. When the war started, the Germans rounded up Jews. Martha lost her mother and first husband in the same week. In recordings, Martha tells of their deaths.

Living in Hiding (03:27)

Martha did not look Jewish, so was able to get work as a secretary where she met Feliks; they married in 1944. Eve listens to Martha's audio tapes and hears a story of meeting a man on a bus and wonders about its importance.

Holocaust Survivors (10:23)

In an interview, Feliks discusses the horrors of the Holocaust including the suicide of his first wife. Leon Wells testifies at the Eichmann trial about the atrocities that occurred at the Janowska Concentration Camp. Feliks dies of a heart attack in 1985.

Discovering a Sibling (03:15)

The boy in Martha's footage contacts Eve; the man is his father and Eve looks like his sister. Micheline Lee sends an email saying her father, Dixie, was a close friend of Martha and Feliks. Eve and Micheline meet.

DNA Proof (12:48)

Eve, Helen, and Micheline take a DNA test, proving Dixie is Eve's father. Eve struggles with this new identity as she meets her half-brother Dawson and another half-brother and neighbor, Michael. Close friends struggle with the news.

Father and Daughter (13:26)

Dixie was a surveyor who names streets after loved ones; Micheline labels the act egotistical. Martha dies in 1996. Eve meets Dixie and reveals herself as his daughter; his affair with Martha had lasted 15 years.

Family Background (14:17)

Dixie and Eve tour her old family home. Dixie tells of visiting Eve at her birth, the story of how he met Martha on the bus, and the details of their affair. Micheline keeps her distance from Dixie. Eve takes Dixie with her to film the recreation.

Family Dynamics (04:56)

After his relationship with Martha ends, Dixie sails alone for 15 years before remarrying. Helen and Micheline discuss Eve having a warm relationship with Dixie. Eve thanks her mother for meeting the man on the bus.

Credits: Man on the Bus (00:60)

Credits: Man on the Bus

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This film charts the secret history of an Australian Jewish family. Martha, a Polish Holocaust survivor, led a double life in Australia. Her heroic husband escaped from a concentration camp and their daughter Eve, a psychologist and filmmaker, finally discovered the truth about the man on the bus. A compelling tale of two defining human traits—endurance and frailty—and a metaphor for the 20th century’s most painful trauma, this film is for students of history, social studies, psychology, and sociology.

Length: 84 minutes

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