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Orson Welles (06:28)


Welles is known as the last renaissance man of show business. His directing style of "Citizen Kane," especially the master shot, redefined filmmaking. He taught and influenced multiple generations of filmmakers.

Welles and Oja Kodar (03:21)

Welles met Kodar in a Croatian restaurant while filming "The Trial" in 1962. She was an art student, who showed him her work. He invited her to the set and kissed her hand in front of the crew.

Welles and Kodar in Paris (03:34)

Welles left Croatia after the shot and did not respond to Kodar’s letters like he promised. When he learned they were both in Paris, he found her and explained he did not respond because he felt he was too old for her. Kodar disagreed and they stayed together.

Welles and Kodar's Love (03:50)

Welles gave Kodar the name Oja, which means present. She began acting in his films and everyone could see how in love with her he was.

Welles and Kodar's Work (05:28)

Welles and Kodar would build on each other's story ideas. She first worked with him on "The Deep” as a screen writer and fellow actor. The film, and other ones they worked on, were never finished.

Welles' Spirit (04:56)

Welles and Kodar went to Beverley Hills to investigate Producer Bert Schneider's film idea. When Welles realized he did not have the money, he invited actors to his home for a fully improved scene. Kodar saw it as an example of his unbeatable spirit.

Welles' Unrealized Project (07:14)

"The Other Side of the Wind" is the only one of Welles' unrealized projects that could be finished without him. Kodar starred in another of his unrealized projects, "The Dreamers," which could not find financing.

Welles' Unreleased Adaptions (05:44)

Welles made unreleased films of "Don Quixote" and "The Merchant of Venice," both works of literature he adorned. He found the character of Don Quixote to be immortal and wanted him to be in various locations and time periods.

Welles as Shylock (06:47)

Welles created six portrayals of the character of Shylock from "The Merchant of Venice." He once woke his film crew to shoot a monologue because he thought the sunset was perfect.

Welles' Vision (06:17)

Many of Welles' unfinished projects were the result of no funding. He frequently worked on numerous projects at once and was deemed difficult to work with because of his determined vision.

Welles' Magic (03:47)

Welles was an accomplished magician and patented 34 magic tricks. When he was a child, he saw Harry Houdini perform. In addition to magic, he had numerous other artistic skills, like painting and drawing.

Welles' Reputation (06:35)

Welles felt actors should not be respectable and do whatever they saw fit. Though he was kind and witty, some found his presence intimidating. He felt he made mistakes but knew they would be overlooked when he died.

Welles' Death (03:12)

Welles died on Oct. 10, 1985. Kodar's birthday is on Aug. 25, and he sent her an audiotape, which is one of the last recordings of his voice.

Credits: Orson Welles: Searching for Orson (00:46)

Credits: Orson Welles: Searching for Orson

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This celebrity-filled biography of legendary entertainer Orson Welles features interviews with friends, family, and colleagues who knew him best; it is filled with footage from a number of his unfinished films ("The Deep"; “The Other Side of the Wind”), rare home movie footage, little-known stories of Welles' family, and private clips and stills of the emotional memoirs of actress Oja Kodar, Welles' companion in the latter years of his life.

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