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Overview of "Tristan Und Isolde" (05:16)


Catarina Molder introduces this love story written by Richard Wagner. See Act I, Scene IV featuring Isolde performed by Johanna Meier and Brangaine played by Hanna Schwarz.

Opera Investigation by Rui Vieira Nery (04:09)

Wagner had to flee Dresden in 1849 after participating in the liberal revolution. See Act I, Scene V featuring Isolde and Tristan portrayed by Rene Kollo.

Opera Confessions (13:42)

Danish stage director Kasper Holten describes his introduction to opera. See more of Act I, Scene 5 featuring Isolde and Tristan. See Act II, Scene II.

Super Aria (06:15)

See a modern version of "Liebestod" featuring Molder as Isolde.

Consulting Room (05:16)

Molder explains the importance of "Tristan Und Isolde" in the history of opera. See Act III, Scene I featuring Kurwenal portrayed by Hermann Becht.

Twitter Opera - Opera from Today (07:21)

"Do I alone" features Molder with music by Antonio Chagas Rosa, libretto by Richard Wagner, and translation by Jorge de Sena. See Act II, Scene II featuring Isolde and Tristan.

Opera Mix (08:06)

See a version of Isolde's death performed by the Ricardo Toscano Jazz Quartet. Toscano identifies with Wagner.

Credits: Wagner’s Tristan Und Isolde (Super Diva - Opera for Everyone) (01:13)

Credits: Wagner’s Tristan Und Isolde (Super Diva - Opera for Everyone)

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In this program, soprano Catarina Molder brings out the plot, characters, and context of Wagner's Tristan and Isolde, along with scenes from some of the great productions of the opera and interviews with opera artists who have performed in it.

Length: 52 minutes

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