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Introduction: New School (02:13)


A shift in the education model is necessary. The current model treats all students the same and allows for only one way of learning. Students demand something different.

21st Century Education (04:33)

"Chalk and talk" is not how students learn best; they need a purpose in what they are doing. Greg Whitby wants to transform the education model so that diversity is the norm. Experts reflect on past and present curriculum; consider what and whom we are asking.

Sydney, NSW (07:33)

Linfield Learning Village is a K-12 comprehensive government school that encourages daily connections between learners. It focuses on empowering students through personalized learning by stage not age; student mental health is important.

Melbourne, VIC (09:05)

Richmond High School focuses on enabling and empowering its diverse student population. Its curriculum asks students to become masters of their own learning and the school's culture embodies its ethos. School designs have evolved.

Bendigo, VIC (08:16)

Marist College Bendigo aligns Marist traditions with contemporary education. Every activity and building design centers on student learning and fostering collaboration. Students enjoy finding the spaces that work for them. Educators reflect on challenges.

Educational Environments (02:06)

Lindfield, Richmond, and Marist provide examples of whether changes in the education model are worth it. Educators want students to leave school as critical thinkers.

Credits: New School (00:54)

Credits: New School

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New School

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Imagine an education system that caters to the needs of all students, an equitable system that activates deep learning, inquiry and agency. While our world has shifted significantly over the last century, our basic schooling model has remained the same. With examples from the Australian school system , this program helps to reimagine what school can be. It features interviews with principals, teachers, and students and shows the stories of three remarkable education communities that are reimagining the concept of school altogether, probing what types of environments will best equip students to succeed in the 21st century.

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