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Introduction: Foreign Correspondent: Poking the Bear (00:54)


This segment orients viewers to Alexei Navalny and his fight against government corruption; he claims Vladimir Putin tried to kill him.

Moscow, Russia (05:06)

The arrest of Navalny sparks protests against across the country. Natasha Romi joins a march to Navalny’s prison; riot police and troops try to stop people from gathering. Eric Campbell discusses the start of Navalny's fight against corruption.

Victim of Poisoning (06:20)

Navalny is in a coma after a suspected poisoning. His wife wants him moved to a facility outside of Russia. Testing reveals traces of Novichok on Navalny's water bottle. Maria Pevchikh believes the Kremlin is responsible. Navalny recovers and exposes the would-be assassins.

Return to Moscow (05:56)

Navalny takes a return flight to Russia; officials divert the plane and arrest Navalny at immigration. Navalny's team releases a video accusing Putin of corruption and exposing Putin's Palace.

Kremlin Reaction (04:52)

Protests erupt across Russia. Police detain demonstrators and target Navalny's associates; Navalny establishes his command center in Lithuania. Navalny attends court and receives a sentence of 32 months in a penal colony. The Kremlin releases a media campaign to discredit Navalny and his team.

Opposition's Next Steps (05:22)

Navalny's team moves away from protests and focuses on defeating Putin's candidates in the parliamentary elections and keeping Navalny's story in the public eye. Romi hopes for a new direction; her mother has different opinions.

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Poking the Bear (00:27)

Credits: Foreign Correspondent: Poking the Bear

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He’s been poisoned, almost blinded, arrested, and jailed but anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny isn’t cowed. He wants to force out President Putin and he’s risking his life to do it. This program features interviews with Navalny's key advisors, giving an inside look into Navalny’s plan to take down his President and fight government corruption.

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