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Lions in Kenya (05:35)


In celebration of the 50th Earth Day, National Geographic goes around the world to see the next generation of animals. Beverly and Dereck Joubert study and photograph lions on the grasslands in Kenya. They have been following the same pride for over 10 years.

Black Bears in Minnesota (05:03)

Ecologist Rae Wynn-Grant studies black bears. She leads a team checking on a mother bear and her cubs in a den. The team takes measurements of the cubs and collects data.

Koalas in Australia (04:33)

Wildfires have wiped out much of the wildlife and their habitats. Chris Hemsworth visits Friends of the Koala in New South Wales. Molly Christian and others at the shelter prepare koalas for their return to the wild.

Elephants in Kenya (03:36)

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has an orphanage for elephants, where they learn skills necessary to return to the wild. The young elephants live in a herd so they can socialize with others and begin to interact with wild elephants.

Monkeys in Sri Lanka (06:16)

Three species of monkeys live together in a preserve. An orphaned monkey named Pala tries to navigate the complex society without his mother.

Humpback Whales in Hawaii (04:56)

Humpback whales have a breeding ground off the coast of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry captures the bond between whale mothers and their calves.

Seals and Sean Lions in California (03:01)

The Marine Mammal Center in San Francisco cares for orphaned seals and sea lions. Experts must teach the animals how to fend for themselves. They return seals and sea lions to the wild.

Harp Seals in Canada (06:18)

National Geographic photographer Jennifer Hayes has been documenting harp seals on the North Atlantic Sea ice for a decade. She has witnessed how global warming affects the seals and their pups.

Next Generation of Animals (06:33)

Friends of the Koala in New South Wales cares for orphaned koalas. Human volunteers must feed the youngest cubs.

Credits: Born Wild: The Next Generation (00:08)

Credits: Born Wild: The Next Generation

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A celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, this documentary presents stories of hope and gives viewers a revealing look at our planet’s next generation of baby animals and their ecosystems, which face daunting environmental changes.

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