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Poppy (02:55)


Poppy is a chimpanzee who lives in the forest in eastern Uganda. She is 20-years-old and has a 5-year-old named Stella. Poppy is three months pregnant with Willow.

Poppy's Family (05:27)

Poppy and Stella live in a large community of extended family members. Poppy has gotten Stella through infancy, but the season is changing and finding food will become more difficult. Noah is the head of the family and most likely Willow's father.

Poppy's Pregnancy (06:15)

Willow is developing well 13 weeks into the pregnancy. Poppy and the family struggle to find a fig tree that still has fruit; Poppy needs more food than usual because of the pregnancy. Noah finds a fig tree that will get the family through the changing season.

Noah's Dominance (05:25)

The family has been able to relax since finding the fig tree a month ago. Poppy and Noah spend more time grooming together. Cyrus, Noah's rival, might challenge him for control.

Willow's Development (03:26)

Poppy nears the end of her pregnancy. Willow's brain and nervous system are fully developed. Poppy is exhausted and Stella notices something is different about her.

Willow's Birth (05:58)

Poppy and Stella leave the family, so Poppy can give birth away from any aggressive members. After 35 weeks in the womb, Willow is born. For the next month, Poppy will hold her, and Willow will drink breast milk.

Willow's Family (04:52)

Stella is unsure of her place after the birth of Willow. Stella takes the lead in finding the three of them food. Poppy is eager to return to the family to show Willow to Noah, who is dealing with Cyrus.

Willow's Diet (05:33)

Willow is two months old and spending time with Poppy and the other new mothers and babies. Willow needs food constantly; the first two years of life are the most important for development. Cyrus continues to threaten Noah's control of the family.

Willow's First Months (06:54)

At five months, Willow climbs on her own for the first time. Poppy gets Willow and Stella to safety as Cyrus attacks Noah for control. Noah wins the fight and stays in control.

Credits: Episode 1: A Baby Chimp's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1) (00:32)

Credits: Episode 1: A Baby Chimp's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1)

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Uganda, Africa. From her first magical weeks in the womb to her birth into a troubled troop, discover how, with the help of her devoted mother Poppy, she’ll learn to master the skills she’ll need not just to survive but to thrive in her remote rainforest home.

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