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Thandi (05:11)


Thandi is a 15-year-old African elephant living in Namibia. Her mother Khanyisa is the matriarch of the herd. Thandi is six months into a 22-month pregnancy with her first child, Aria.

Thandi's Herd (03:51)

Another herd warns Thandi's group that lions are hunting in the area. The herd protects its young until the threat passes. The elephants comfort each other with touch.

Aria's Birth (06:43)

Thandi reaches full term a year into a drought that has dried out the savannah. The herd travels farther than usual to find food. Khanyisa guides Thandi to a secluded place to give birth to Aria.

Aria's Family (02:45)

For Aria's first few days, she stays close to Thandi as her eyesight improves. She then meets the rest of the family, including her grandma, aunts, and a cousin, Max.

Aria's First Trip (04:49)

Drought makes food and water hard to find, but Khanyisa leads the herd north toward a rainstorm. At two weeks old, Aria can make the 150-mile journey with her herd. The herd encounters lions on the road and protects Aria and Max.

Aria at the Watering Hole (04:26)

Aria needs to suckle every hour, which makes Thandi thirsty. Khanyisa leads the herd to a watering hole. Adult elephants can drink up to 40 gallons of water a day.

Aria's First Month (05:41)

At four weeks, Aria keeps up with the herd and learns to use her trunk. Aria uses her senses to learn about the savannah and befriend Max.

Elephant Adaptions (06:00)

Adult elephants can go four days without water, but Aria and Max tire more easily. Khanyisa leads the herd to a dusty clearing so they can uncover underground springs. Elephants pass knowledge down through generations.

Thandi's Protection (03:16)

The herd has nearly reached their destination after three weeks of travel. Max goes exploring, attracting the attention of lions. A splinter group of lions goes after Aria and Thandi protects her.

Herd's Destination (05:35)

Thandi can listen through the ground and determines they are close to their destination. The herd climbs through a mountain range to reach the lush feeding grounds.

Credits: Episode 3: A Baby Elephant's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1) (00:34)

Credits: Episode 3: A Baby Elephant's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1)

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Episode 3: A Baby Elephant's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1)

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The incredible journey of baby elephant Aria as she undertakes an epic trek with her family across Namibia in search of food. From her first magical months in the womb to her arrival in a drought, discover how the strength of her mother Thandi’s love and the support of a wise grandmother will help Aria survive her first big adventure. This is a journey full of danger, discovery and friendship.

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