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Koko (03:37)


Koko is the matriarch of a wild dog pack in the African savannah. The pack constantly communicates and always looks out for each other. Koko is halfway through a 10-week pregnancy.

Koko's Pack (03:17)

Wild dogs are one of the smaller predators in the savannah, so they move in large packs. Advanced hearing, eyesight, speed, and endurance gives them an 85% success rate in hunting. The pack hunts and kills impalas.

Koko's Family (02:45)

Koko will have a litter of 12 pups; Kaya is the runt. Woody, Koko's alpha partner and the litter's father, helps take care of Koko. Koko's daughter Leila is the only survivor of her first litter.

Koko's Travels (06:34)

Koko and her pack travel thousands of miles to hunt. Koko breaks away to find a safe den to give birth. She modifies an old aardvark burrow to keep her pups safe from predators.

Koko's Litter (04:10)

Koko goes to the den, letting the pack hunt on their own. Koko gives birth to her litter, which includes Kip and Kaya.

Kip and Kaya (03:31)

After three weeks underground, Kip, Kaya, and the rest of the litter meet Koko's pack. Only seven of the 12 pups have survived. Kip is more adventurous, while Kaya stays close to Koko.

Woody's Hunting (04:40)

Woody leads the pack's hunting parties as Koko stays at the den to protect and nurse the pups. He is a bold leader, who ensures every member of the pack is safe. The pups have their first taste of solid food.

Kip and Kaya's Exploration (07:51)

At three weeks, the pups have explored the shrub around the den and are developing their hunting skills through playfighting. They will not join the pack in hunting until they are four months old. Older sister Leila watches the pups when Koko rejoins the hunt.

Pack Protection (04:20)

A leopard has noticed Kip, Kaya, and the other pups and moves into the pack's territory. Koko determines the pups are strong enough to leave the den and the pack returns to its nomadic nature. The pups run in the center of the pack, so the adults can guard them.

Kip and Kaya's First Hunt (06:24)

Koko has her pups join the hunt for the first time. They stay away from the main hunting so they can watch and learn from the adults. The pups fight off a hyena looking to steal their meal.

Credits: Episode 4: A Baby Wild Dog's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1) (00:34)

Credits: Episode 4: A Baby Wild Dog's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1)

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Episode 4: A Baby Wild Dog's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1)

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Witness the incredible journey of wild dog pups, Kip and Kaya, as they begin life on the African savannah. From their first moments inside mom Koko’s womb to their first tentative steps outside the den and finally to running with the pack, discover how this family’s fierce loyalty and undying devotion allows them to survive in a dangerous, unforgiving environment. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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