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Fern (07:49)


Fern is a 5-year-old grizzly bear, living in the Canadian forest. Fern fishes in the salmon run as she prepares for the upcoming winter. Two blastocysts have formed inside her with the potential of becoming new life once winter ends.

Fern's Hibernation (06:14)

Fern climbs into the snowy mountains above the forest to find a den for the winter. While she hibernates, her eight-week pregnancy with cubs Lulu and Joey begins.

Lulu and Joey's Birth (04:30)

Lulu and Joey are born as Fern continues to sleep. They each weigh one pound and survive on breast milk. They spend the first two months in the den.

Lulu and Joey Outside the Den (03:51)

Fern emerges from her den with Lulu and Joey. They travel down the mountains so Fern can eat for the first time in six months. It takes two weeks to get to the forest.

Lulu and Joey's Exploration (03:24)

While Fern grazes to build fat reserves, the cubs explore the forest. Lulu and Joey learn what plants to eat from watching Fern. The cubs climb a tree for the first time.

Lulu and Joey's Valley (03:13)

Fern learns to protect Lulu and Joey in the busy valley. Male grizzles, including the cubs' father Rocky, aggressively search for mates and mark trees with their scent.

Grizzly Survival Skills (03:37)

At four months, the cubs begin to learn survival skills that will get them through the winter. Bears can quickly learn from other bears. Fern learns to care for her cubs from more experienced mothers.

Lulu and Joey's First Swim (02:50)

The cubs and her need to eat distracts Fern and the rising tides cuts them off from the shore. Bears are born with the ability to swim, but Lulu and Joey take their first one without practice.

Fern's Protection (04:34)

Rocky threatens the cubs while they are looking for food. When they do not climb to safety, Fern must fight him off.

Lulu and Joey's First Winter (06:06)

At six months, Lulu and Joey fish in the salmon run for the first time. The large number of fish prepares them to hibernate for the winter.

Credits: Episode 6: A Baby Grizzly's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1) (00:33)

Credits: Episode 6: A Baby Grizzly's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1)

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Episode 6: A Baby Grizzly's Story (Growing Up Animal, Season 1)

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Follow the extraordinary journey of grizzly bear cubs Lulu and Joey, growing up in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest. From the moment of their miraculous conception to their birth into a brutal winter, discover how these baby bears, with the help of their hardworking mom, take their first steps towards independence.

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