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Introduction: Kingdom of the Polar Bears: Clan of the North (00:59)


A mother polar bear teaches her cubs to survive. This video will reveal the secret lives of polar bears.

Churchill, Manitoba (05:00)

Young male polar bears practice fighting. Every year, hundreds of polar bears follow an ancient migration route to their hunting grounds. Dennis Campayre tracks the polar bear population; he has a close connection with a male he named Dancer.

Hudson Bay (05:30)

Polar bears return every year, but the early hard freeze is no longer reliable; the bears have less time to hunt. The local bear population has dropped 20%; Campayre prepares to track them for a year. One polar bear scavenges for fish while another stalks a mother’s cubs.

Hard Freeze (04:38)

A mother bear and her cubs search for food on unstable ice; a male stalks the cubs. Temperatures plummet and the bay freezes. A pregnant female travels inland to give birth and feasts on the catch of Arctic foxes before enduring an eight month fast.

Polar Bear Dens (03:23)

Polar bears often return to dens that go back generations. After entering the den, the mother bear will not emerge for over three months. Campayre searches for a birthing den and will track the new family for a year; he spots caribou migrating.

Birthing Den (07:19)

Campayre reaches base camp and locates a polar bear den. The snow provides the bears with camouflage and insulation; Campayre is exposed to harsh weather. Across the tundra, a mother polar bear leads her cub onto the pack ice for a hunting lesson.

Signs of Life (05:02)

The mother polar bear emerges from the den; cubs will emerge when they reach approximately 25 pounds. Campayre returns to camp for the night and watches the aurora borealis. The temperature starts to increase, and the winds decrease.

Polar Bears Cubs (06:28)

The mother and her two cubs emerge from the birthing den; they will stay close to the den for a few weeks. The cubs increase their stamina and strength for the journey to Hudson Bay; 50% do not survive their first year. A wolverine appears.

Predator and Prey (05:39)

Campayre remains vigilant while the cubs play. A wolverine appears but the cubs get to the den safely. The mother has not eaten a significant meal in eight months and the cubs could starve. The bears begin their trek to Hudson Bay. (Credits)

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Kingdom of the Polar Bears: Clan of the North

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Dennis, a bear guide and Churchill local, puts his skills to the ultimate test as he searches the unforgiving Manitoba wilderness for a polar bear den in hopes of capturing the first moments of a cub’s life in the wild. Meanwhile on the tundra, a pregnant mother bear returns to the land where she and her ancestors were born.

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