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United Arab Emirates (04:03)


The UAE is a rich, modern country consisting of seven territories known as emirates. Falconry is popular in the country, dating back to the Bedouins using them for hunting.

Jebel Faya (07:23)

A desert, the Empty Quarter, covers much of the UAE's interior. Archaeologists have recently uncovered a settlement dating back to the Stone Age. Until the discovery, experts believed humans did not reach the emirates until 10,000 years ago.

Jebel Buhais (03:28)

The Neolithic burial ground is the largest in the Middle East, containing about 600 skeletons. Evidence shows that people lived in the area with domesticated animals, like goats and sheep. It was an early form of nomadic pastoralism.

Al Ain (07:45)

During the Iron Age, the development of the aflaj system allowed people to settle and farm. It created an oasis for date-growing palm trees to flourish.

Arabian Desert (06:20)

Iron Age humans survived in the Arabian Desert because of dromedary camels. Camels provided transportation, milk, and meat. The use of camels opened up trade throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

Muweilah (05:40)

The city emerged around the new camel trade during the Iron Age. The settlement had a large columned hall at its center that archaeologists believe was a gathering place. Halls in other Iron Age settlements are similar to modern UAE majlis.

Mleiha (05:46)

The ancient city grew during the boom of global trade in 300 BC. Experts found the remains of horses at a large gravesite; they are the first known horses in the UAE. The horses were imported from the north and possibly used in battle.

Bedouins (03:09)

Nomadic people survived with the help of falcons. They used the birds to hunt in the desert. Falconry has remained a popular pastime.

Credits: "Episode 1: Taming the Desert (History of The Emirates)" (00:30)

Credits: "Episode 1: Taming the Desert (History of The Emirates)"

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Episode 1: Taming the Desert (History of The Emirates)

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We reveal the ancient innovations that lie behind some of the most enduring and romantic images of this region - the camel caravanserai and the lush oasis. And we discover the many other ingenious ways in which people here - for thousands of years - have been overcoming the challenges of life in one of the world's harshest environments.

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