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New Zealand (14:59)


Orcas are tough predators that prioritize family protection. One family has dominated the water near New Zealand for 1,000 years. They hunt together using sonar with the matriarch taking the lead. Hunting strategies vary based on a pod’s location.

Norway (07:08)

An orca pod, led by its matriarch, hunts herring in the Arctic Circle. The pod has its own way of communicating; it kept a calf with them to mourn after it had died.

Antarctica (04:46)

Keeping calves alive in the frigid Southern Ocean takes the entire pod. Calves are rarer in the larger, social pods in Antarctica than in other orca populations.

Falkland Islands (05:13)

An orca pod hunts an elephant seal colony. Hunting is difficult, but the orcas pass down techniques through the generations.

Patagonia (13:03)

A powerful orca pod hunts seals and sea lions off the beach. The matriarch has trained younger members of the pod for generations.

Executive Producer (02:42)

James Cameron talks about working with National Geographic photographer Brain Skerry to make "Secrets of the Whales." Cameron became interested in working with orcas while filming the Avatar movies in New Zealand.

Credits: Episode 1: Orca Dynasty (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1) (00:30)

Credits: Episode 1: Orca Dynasty (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

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Episode 1: Orca Dynasty (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

Part of the Series : Secrets of the Whales (Season 1)
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Orcas across the globe use unique strategies to stay on top of the food chain. Patagonia’s whales catch sea lions off the beach, New Zealand’s orcas root out hidden stingrays, and Norway’s sea giants master the tail slap. Witness five powerful orca matriarchs pass down their family hunting traditions to the next generation, preserving their way of life before the customs are lost forever.

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