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Alaska (12:38)


Humpback whales have culture and complex communication. During the summer, humpbacks use bubble net fishing to corral fish. The same group of whales has been gathering for years.

Australia (07:38)

The largest migration of humpback whales passes near Western Australia. They communicate with each other verbally and nonverbally. The sound from breaches reverberates for miles underwater.

Cook Islands (06:49)

Male humpbacks use coral to boost their mating calls. Male whales use the same song throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Antarctica (08:50)

A mother prepares her calf for the migration that 100,000 humpbacks complete every year. The whales eat krill that feasted on algae from melting glaciers. The mother and calf rest at the surface.

Antarctica: Hunting (09:32)

The mother whale and a teammate demonstrate a specialized form of bubble-net feeding to capture krill. The calf wanders away; orcas patrol the area.

Executive Producer (03:24)

James Cameron talks about the difficulty of filming "Secrets of the Whales" on boats and underwater. He shares his excitement of the closeness of the whales in Alaska.

Credits: Episode 2: Humpback Songs (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1) (00:31)

Credits: Episode 2: Humpback Songs (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

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Episode 2: Humpback Songs (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

Part of the Series : Secrets of the Whales (Season 1)
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In a classroom that spans the world’s oceans, from Alaska’s herring-rich coastline to Antarctica’s feeding grounds, humpback calves learn their family’s traditions. Cooperative hunting strategies, the longest migrations of any known mammal and communicating through complex songs to find a mate are all lessons absorbed by the younger generation.

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