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Canadian Arctic (17:17)


Beluga whales have the largest vocabulary of all whales and use facial expressions. A beluga family makes the annual migration through the maze of melting ice from Greenland to the Canadian Arctic. More than 2,000 belugas gather in the Cunningham Inlet and numerous calves are born.

Hudson Bay (10:01)

About 55,000 belugas spend the summer in the bay, despite its dangers. A mother beluga must protect her calf while escaping a polar bear.

Lancaster Sound (06:11)

Belugas and narwhals cross paths and eat similar fish in the frozen inlet. Narwhal calves cannot eat solid food for the first 20 months and must rely on their mothers for nourishment.

St. Lawrence (08:25)

A young male narwhal separates from his pod and gets lost. A group of male belugas encounters the lost narwhal. The belugas adopt the narwhal and teach him how to hunt and survive.

Executive Producer (02:22)

James Cameron praises the National Geographic team for capturing the social-emotional relations featured in "Secrets of the Whales." The program allows the joyfulness of the belugas to come through.

Credits: Episode 3: Beluga Kingdom (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1) (00:31)

Credits: Episode 3: Beluga Kingdom (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

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Episode 3: Beluga Kingdom (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

Part of the Series : Secrets of the Whales (Season 1)
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Beluga whales share their northern kingdom in Greenland with a mysterious cousin: the narwhal. Both species begin a thrilling adventure through a maze of sea ice to their ancestral summering grounds in the Canadian Arctic. Even though they follow ancient migration routes, trouble lurks around every corner. From freezing environments to fierce predators, only their shared knowledge and power of family can get them through safely.

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