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Dominica (19:36)


Sperm whales have deep family connections and knowledge passes through the matriarchs. About 20 sperm whale families live full-time in the waters near Dominica. One family has a calf that must learn to communicate and hunt.

Azores (09:03)

Large nomadic pods of male sperm whales pass by region as they move between North America and Europe. An older whale shows younger ones how to hunt giant squid. Sperm whales here communicate differently than in Dominica.

Sri Lanka (08:04)

The largest aggregation of sperm whales is in Sri Lanka and some pods have up to 40 members. The whales have different diets, behaviors, and communication styles than those in Dominica. Water pollution affects all sperm whale populations.

Dominica Calf (06:21)

The National Geographic team returns to Dominica to see if the sperm whale calf is still alive. An outsider male mates with members of the calf's clan. The calf has survived her important first two years.

Executive Producer (02:52)

Having done deep sea diving in a sub, the diving ability of sperm whales impresses James Cameron. Sperm whales use energy conservation techniques while diving.

Credits: Episode 4: Ocean Giants (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1) (00:31)

Credits: Episode 4: Ocean Giants (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

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Episode 4: Ocean Giants (Secrets of the Whales, Season 1)

Part of the Series : Secrets of the Whales (Season 1)
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On an epic journey that spans the world’s oceans in Dominica, the Azores and Sri Lanka, witness the complex culture of the gentle giants. Relying solely on the next generation’s ability to learn their intricate ways, family culture and secrets, the sperm whales’ future rests upon its youngest members.

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