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Grieving (02:38)


A young woman grieves the loss of her mother who died from brain cancer. Another woman paints an imagined image of her son. A third woman mourns her husband; they were married nearly 59 years.

Natalie Ki Treadwell (04:24)

Natalie writes a letter to her mother, expressing her feelings. Creating art helps her process grief and make sense of her reality. Natalie paints an image of her mother's cancer.

Alexis Roberts Keiner (04:11)

“Life and Death of Erling Munro” depicts the birth and death of Alexis's infant son. Alexis is comfortable with confronting death in her work; painting is a cathartic experience.

Joan Schulz (04:14)

Schulz quotes her poems "Mourning" and "Echoes." She reflects on making art to help her cope with her husband's Alzheimer's disease and death. She completes the piece "Brain Tangles."

Art and Grief (02:03)

Alexis offers advice on grieving. Natalie reads from her letter. Joan recites a poem. Artworks include "Letters" and “The Tumor That Killed My Mother: Memento Mori.”

Credits: Letters: The Art of Grieving (02:01)

Credits: Letters: The Art of Grieving

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Letters: The Art of Grieving

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This is a poetic documentary about the stories of three women: a wife, a mother, and a daughter as they rise above the trauma of loss through their creativity and art form.

Length: 20 minutes

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