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Teaching Slam Poetry: Rules for Writing (06:48)


Slam poetry focuses on voice and good slam poetry has the same elements of great writing. Young people need an outlet to speak their truth. Prof. Sam Pierstorff cites three rules.

Emotion Card Pre-writing Activity Directions (09:00)

A card identifies a specific emotion. Instruct students to recall a time they felt the emotion and narrate the scene. Teachers should also write a poem. Follow three steps for this classroom activity.

Letter Poem Exercise (10:22)

Epistolary poems work well in slam poetry. List several things that make you angry. Follow four steps for this classroom activity.

Letter Poem Exercise: Performances (10:12)

Several students perform their poems about anger at the front of the class. There are two ways to become better at writing— frequently read and frequently write. Do not underestimate your voice.

Credits: Poetry on Fire: Teacher's Workshop (00:44)

Credits: Poetry on Fire: Teacher's Workshop

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Poetry has been a powerful vehicle to get students to open up and speak their truths, to share their world views, and to build an unbreakable bond with their peers. Two activities are presented in this program that have worked very well in many classrooms and writing workshops: 1) An “Emotion Card Pre-Writing Activity” that quickly and easily demonstrates how a poem needs to “show not tell” and 2) a “Letter Poem” activity that will lead students toward a longer, more powerful, full-length poem. By integrating these easy-to-use classroom activities, the conversation around poetry and its use and purpose will fundamentally change for the better and students’ voices will be heard loud and clear, and poetry will be less intimidating to teach and a lot more enjoyable and essential for students to write.

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