Segments in this Video

Avoiding Isolation (03:22)


Dr. Papell is honored at her 90th birthday celebration. Her vision is getting progressively worse and the computer provides a way to keep in touch with friends and associates.

"Are You Afraid of Dying?" (02:10)

Dr. Papell was excited to be the subject of a presentation on the theory of aging. Interviewees respond to a question about the fear of dying.

How it Feels When a Friend Dies (01:54)

Dr. Papell recalls her mother trying to talk about dying. Interviewees respond to a question about losing a beloved friend. Papell recently lost work friends.

Finding Commonality (01:49)

Dr. Papell is horrified for the future of her grandchildren when thinking about the "terrible reality of this world today." Interviewees reflect on the value of their lives.

Affirming Spirituality (01:20)

Four years after beginning work on her presentation, Dr. Papell feels she is in a new stage of aging.

911 Opportunity (01:52)

Dr. Papell describes approaching a guarded Afghan Islamic mosque after 911 and meeting Afifa Yusufi.

Women for Afghan Women (02:53)

Dr. Papell revives her passion for the piano. Her new passions are staying connected with new Afghan women friends and cross-stitching.

"Stage of Leaving" (01:43)

James Hillman's book, "The Force of Character And the Lasting life", gave Dr. Papell a new way of thinking about what she was feeling while writing her paper on aging.

Dealing With Pain (01:37)

Dr. Papell discusses living with the expectation of body pain.

The Treatment of Alcoholism Workshop (00:43)

In 1994 Dr. Papell designed a workshop for alcoholism and gave four presentations at the Oglala Lakota College.

"Taking Action That Feels Just Right" (02:50)

The decision to marry was difficult for Dr. Papell; it meant hurting her mother. Taking her husband to a nursing home was the hardest thing she'd ever done.

"The Layers" (Credits) (02:16)

Dr. Papell reads a poem by Stanley Kunitz. Credits: Experiencing Aging

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In her thought provoking paper, Experiencing Aging, Catherine Papell, MSW, DSW, Professor Emerita and social worker extraordinaire, reflects on the process of aging, observing her own personal journey as a lens through which she focuses her unique wisdom. After a productive successful life, Dr. Papell continues to leave her mark on the hearts and psyche of everyone she teaches. With a dedication to teaching, Dr. Papell has taught many facets of social work curriculum as a Professor at Adelphi University School of Social Work. She was the driving force in the creation of the Association for Advancement of Social Work with Groups, AASWG, an international society.

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