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Casualties of War Introduction (01:38)


This segment orients viewers to Pathe's newsreel productions for BBC television in the 1950s. (Graphic images throughout film)

Britain, 1914 (01:35)

Citizens enjoy the racetracks and beaches while the Navy is brought to readiness; Britain declares war on Kaiser Wilhelm.

British Expeditionary Force (03:29)

The BEF prepare for war. Lord Kitchener's campaign to create the nation's largest volunteer army had men hurrying to join.

1916, a Nation's Conscience (03:07)

By the end of 1914, 1 million men had joined the BEF; casualties demanded more volunteers. Civilians raised money to support the troops and men make prosthetic legs; see wounded and dead soldiers.

Battle of Jutland (01:31)

See footage of ships in battle. Approximately 6,400 British men died, including John Travers Cornwell; see a funeral procession and a memorial parade.

1917, Over the Top (03:10)

European civilians flee the cities. See battle scene footage, wounded men recovering back home, women joining the nursing ranks, and a prison camp.

End of WWI (02:25)

See footage of destroyed cities, children in the street, and soldiers celebrating. Cemeteries are filled with soldiers- 8,000 dead. The wounded are celebrated- 21,000,000 maimed.

1939, Poland for Breakfast (02:51)

Society shifted around the world. In Germany, Adolph Hitler pursued expansionist policies, plunging countries back into war. See reservists and the BEF depart for war.

Western Europe Encounters the Blitzkrieg (02:25)

Germany invaded France, Belgium, and Holland. Soldiers encounter refugees fleeing the cities; many refugees went to Britain.

Dunkirk Evacuation (02:24)

Germany's forces poured west. Men wade out to waiting ships bound for England; 300,000 service men and women are rescued in nine days.

Luftwaffe Advances on Britain (02:21)

By the end of June, all British forces had withdrawn from France. See footage of battles on English soil and ruined cities from the summer of 1940.

WWII Trauma (01:43)

Soldiers arrest the jailers of Belsen concentration camp. Soldiers and experts are horrified by concentration camp atrocities. The casualties of WWI and WWII suffered immense damage.

Credits: Casualties of War: Time to Remember (00:30)

Credits: Casualties of War: Time to Remember

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Casualties of War: Time to Remember

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Lesley Sharp narrates this episode, which illustrates the scale of the sacrifice made by ordinary people during the 20th century's two world wars. With footage of recruitment and training for the Great War; soldiers going over the top in the trenches; celebrations at the end of World War One; the evacuation of 300,000 men from Dunkirk in 1940; Hurricanes taking off during the Battle of Britain, and the London Blitz. A BBC Production. A part of the series Time to Remember.

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