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Civilians at War Introduction (01:41)


This segment orients viewers to Pathe's newsreel productions for BBC television in the 1950s.

British Public (00:52)

The civilian population was mobilized to bolster Britain's defenses; women entered the workplace in significant numbers.

1917 Society (03:13)

The mass mobilization of men created gaps in Britain's workforce. By 1917, feeding the nation became a priority. See clips of entertainment shows and circus elephants helping farmers.

Aerial War Engines (01:28)

German airships carried out 51 raids in WWI. A policeman holds unexploded incendiary bombs. A crowd gathers at an airship wreckage site; see the pilot responsible.

Aunt Mabels of Britain (02:55)

Women took on a diverse range of traditionally male occupations, allowing them to enjoy social and economic freedoms. British citizens celebrate the return of soldiers.

Putting the Country's Needs First (02:04)

Preparations for Britain's defense began before the declaration of war; factories supplied civilian gas masks and civilians dug trenches.

Warsaw: September 1, 1939 (01:40)

Germany invades Poland; children leave the cities en mass. Citizens carry gas masks; see a pram outfitted for a gas attack.

British Readiness (04:54)

In May 1940, the evacuation of the BEF in Dunkirk began. The government asked citizens to enlist in the Local Defense Volunteers; see coastline and local defense tactics.

Aerial Raids (03:45)

The bombing of British cities and towns was heaviest during the Blitz. Londoners take refuge in underground tunnels; see destroyed buildings and city streets.

Test of Endurance, 1941 (02:45)

London citizens attempt to maintain a semblance of normalcy despite threats and rationing. Winston Churchill arrives in a motorcade. See a cooking propaganda clip.

1945, Allies Overcome Axis Powers (01:31)

WWII nears the end; British citizens celebrate VE Day.

British Civilians (01:46)

During WWI and WWII, millions signed up to fight and millions more supported the war effort at home. Hear a radio address.

Credits: Civilians at War: Time to Remember (00:27)

Civilians at War: Time to Remember

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This episode illustrates the impact of two world wars on the UK's civilian population. Here are the war stories from the home front. Included is newsreel footage of circus elephants being used as farm animals during the Great War; a pram protected against gas attack; footage of Londoners bedding down in the Underground during World War Two; and the celebrations at the end of both global conflicts. A BBC Production. A part of the series Time to Remember.

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