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Treating a Midlife Crisis (01:31)


Ventriloquist and comedian Nina Conti introduces herself and outlines her investigation into New Age therapies—a journey she’ll take with her skeptical monkey.

New Age Literature (03:05)

Nina and Monkey are overwhelmed by the self-help section in a London bookstore. They choose the "totally bananas" card during a Tarot reading.

Raw Food Movement (03:42)

Nina and Monkey visit a nutritionist claiming raw food can lead to enlightenment. A shaman describes experiencing another dimension on hallucinogens while giving her a foot massage.

Kundalini Yoga (02:47)

Nina and Monkey meet Guru Kaur, a former trader who gave up her career for enlightenment. Nina dons a turban and attends a meditation session.

Laughter Yoga (02:09)

Nina and Monkey have trouble participating in a London laughter yoga session.

Naked Yoga (02:04)

Nina and Monkey venture into a London naked yoga session in search of their inner selves.

Mind, Body and Spirit Event (05:06)

Nina and Monkey attend a New Age expo in Grimsby. They have their aura photographed, consult an astrologist, and interview participants about enlightenment.

Primal Therapy Course (03:19)

Monkey tells Nina she can't expect to find enlightenment overnight. She attends a retreat in Scotland promising rebirth; course leader Ray describes its radical effects on him and Monkey remains skeptical.

Inhibition Challenges (03:22)

On Day 1 of a Primal Therapy course, participants let out their emotions through screaming and dancing. Nina has trouble taking part.

Role Playing (03:31)

Nina recalls being a difficult child during a Primal Therapy session. The leader instructs her to be an unavailable mother while another participant demands her attention.

Struggling with Cynicism (02:47)

Nina is instructed to imitate her mother during a Primal Therapy session. Monkey says she should try harder to participate.

Emotional Betrayal (05:41)

On Day 2 of a Primal Therapy course, leaders ask Nina to leave Monkey and she refuses. They kidnap him and she gets angry, attempting to explain that the documentary story is more important than real life. Finally she agrees to continue.

Letting Go of Inhibitions (04:06)

Nina is frustrated that course leaders took her monkey but participates in a dance and screaming session. She reflects on her experience without him and talks about her relationship with her mother.

Achieving Authenticity (03:37)

On Day 3 of a Primal Therapy course, Nina uses a prop to symbolically let go of her guilt. She shares Monkey's role in helping her heal from an abortion.

Rebirth (03:13)

Nina participates in a symbolic activity of being reborn and reliving childhood during a Primal Therapy course. She recalls being a shy child.

Death Role Play (03:08)

Ray instructs Primal Therapy participants to prepare for a symbolic death. Nina writes letters to her children and gains a new appreciation for her life, calling her family afterwards.

Self-Forgiveness (03:04)

At the end of a Primal Therapy course, Nina symbolically speaks to her aborted child in an emotional exercise. Ray returns Monkey to her.

Primal Therapy Reflections (01:35)

Nina returns to London and discusses her emotional release with Monkey. Her husband sees no visible change.

Credits: Make Me Happy: A Monkey's Search for Happiness (00:43)

Credits: Make Me Happy: A Monkey's Search for Happiness

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Make Me Happy: A Monkey's Search for Happiness

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Comedian and ventriloquist Nina Conti is fearful of becoming a flaky, stressed-out mom. Her monkey is the voice of self-doubt and believes so-called therapists are charlatans trying to make money. In a documentary both comical and bizarre, they delve into the world of new age and alternative therapies in the quest for enlightenment and happiness—trying approaches from naked yoga to shamanic ritual, before going on a three-day primal screaming retreat in the wilds of Scotland. (59 minutes)

Length: 59 minutes

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