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Cuba is the Birthplace of Revolution (03:26)


Cuba is the birthplace for far left revolution. In January 1959 in Havana, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara overthrow right wing dictatorships. Both leaders become immortalized in their own right.

Germany's Baader-Meinhof Gang (02:16)

The flame of revolution is lit by different sparks in different countries around the globe. For Germany, it is guilt about their Nazi past. The Baader-Meinhof Gang goes on a spree of kidnapping and murder.

Reign of Terror in Germany (03:59)

In September 1977 in Germany the Baader-Meinhof Gang kidnaps a former Nazi and member of the establishment, however the plot goes bad. Terror continues until they disband.

The Red Brigade in Italy (01:52)

In Italy in the 1970s The Red Brigade hopes to trigger revolution in the face of turmoil between Fascists and Communists. Former gunman Valerio Morrucci talks about his guilt over the violence.

Red Brigade Kidnaps Aldo Moro (03:45)

By the mid 1970s, over 100 members of the Red Brigade turn to kidnapping and murdering members of the establishment. In 1978 they kidnap Aldo Moro to make the state collapse.

Aldo Moro Tried and Shot (03:18)

Moro is held in the “people's prison” in an apartment building in Rome while the largest manhunt ever in Italy is undertaken. He is tried for crimes against the Italian people and shot.

Aldo Moro's Body is Found (04:23)

Moro's body is left in central Rome as a symbol of his failed attempts at political union. Morrucci and his comrades are sent to prison, and this episode marks the beginning of the end for Red Terror.

The Shining Path in Peru (03:09)

In Peru, the Shining Path is responsible for 6,000 murders. The brain child of philosophy professor Abimael Guzman, the "people's war" is going to stamp out poverty.

Terror Escalates in Peru (04:23)

The Peruvian Army meets terror with terror by fighting the Shining Path resulting in high human rights violations. The Shining Path turns on the very poor people they vowed to help.

The End of the Shining Path (03:36)

The Shining Path terrorizes Lima with bombing. When anti-terrorists capture Guzman in September 1992, the entire infrastructure of the Path crashes down with his betrayal.

FARC in Colombia (03:21)

Colombia is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable places in the world today due to FARC. They call themselves guerillas fighting the government, but have no interest in peace.

FARC Produces Cocaine (02:24)

FARC produces 75 percent of world's cocaine without government controls. They make over 500 million dollars from drugs a year. The U.S. war on drugs in Colombia is a war on FARC.

The War with FARC (04:49)

In 2001 four IRA bomb experts smuggle explosives to FARC. FARC high jacks a plane. The Colombian army retakes FARC land. No revolutionary terror group achieves its mission.

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For modern revolutionaries the world over, Cuba’s Che Guevara literally wrote the book. This program examines radical political movements in Germany, Italy, Peru, and Colombia to see how Che’s theories have fared in practice. Former gunman Peter Jürgen Boock, of the Baader-Meinhof Gang; former gunman Valerio Morucci, of the Red Brigades; a former Shining Path insurgent; and Raul Reyes, second-in-command of FARC, talk about their roles in their factions’ ideological wars. Giovanni Moro, son of the murdered Italian statesman Aldo Moro; Peruvian Truth Commission member Carlos Tapia, former leader of the United Left Front; and Peru’s Minister of Justice Fernando Olivera Vega provide additional insights. (47 minutes)

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