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September 11, 2001 (01:17)


The 9-11 attack dominates the 21st Century political agenda. The motivation for the attack is historical and deep-rooted.

In The Name of God (04:22)

The first world scale terrorist plot on September 6, 1970, high jacked five Western commercial airliners to bring attention to Jewish occupation of Islamic territory.

Marxist P.L.F.P (03:03)

The Liberation Front's action brought world attention to Israeli injustice along with the Western Powers' support. Three of the five highjacked aircraft are emptied and destroyed on camera.

Religious Terrorism (05:56)

Large scale terrorism proves an effective media attention-getter. A decade later Middle East attacks turn deadly. Revenge attacks effect both secular and religious targets.

Effect of Negotiations (03:18)

Jews remain locked out of the Holy Mount, worshipping from the Wailing Wall. Oslo Agreement puts the West Bank into the hands of Palestinians. Jewish settlers are outraged by the loss of territory.

Goldstein's Revenge (04:53)

On Febuary 25, 1994 a Jewish settler murders 30 Palestinian men and boys in their mosque. Goldstein is beaten to death. Revenge killing is an accepted element of the Mideast conflict.

Islamists versus Zionists (02:37)

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, an Arab religious leader, sanctions Hamas suicide killing of innocent civilians. One who dies in defense of Islam is blessed my God. Oslo Accords are ineffectual.

Walkabout at the Temple Mount (00:40)

Israeli opposition leader Sharon's walkabout at Temple Mount in 2000 unleashes Palestinian riots and Hamas fury. Arab militants react with increased violence.

The Age of Terror (02:27)

In 2002, a bitter and traumatized nurse martyrs herself killing one and injuring five Israelis. Palestinian terror squads feel suicide is viable in the face of overwhelming Israeli power.

Regional Islamic Support of Palestine (01:36)

Predominately Islamic, Egypt strongly supports Palestine. They criticize their enemies Israel and United States for their treatment of Arabs in Palestine.

Jihad's Roots (05:30)

Ayman Zawahiri, an Egyptian, allegedly masterminds 9-11 and the assassination of Anwar Sadat on October 6, 1981. He is Osama bin Laden's mentor and they focus on military action.

Jihad's Direct Militant Action - Luxor (06:47)

On November 17, 1997, the massarce at southern Egypt's historic ruins by the Islamic extremists kills 58 persons mostly foreign tourists. The militants are outsiders trained in Afghanistan.

Jihad's Anti-West Targets (04:29)

Young Muslims escape their often dire situation by joining Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Jihad. Bombing embassies, the Cole and the WTC symbolize their hatred of the West.

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In the Name of God: Holy Word, Holy War

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By detailing key incidents ranging from the Dawson’s Field hijackings to the Luxor massacre, this program charts the ever-widening holy war that is pitting Islamists against Zionists and the Arab world against the West. The Kach Party’s Noam Federman; Bassam abu Sharif, founder of the Palestine Democratic Party; Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, operational and spiritual leaders of Hamas; Sheikh Jamal Khatab and Sheikh Fadlallah, spiritual leaders of Lebanese al Qaeda and Hezbollah; former Jewish Underground leader Yehuda Etzion; and former PFLP hijacker Leila Khaled are featured, as are former prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and Conor Gearty, expert in human rights law. (47 minutes)

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